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After 3 years, PublicTransportSG@Wordpress is moving. We decided that time was ripe to rebrand ourselves and move to an all news website.

Your support was paramount to the growth of our small WordPress site. Be it regular visitors or the one-off information seekers, your continued patronage kept us writing and photographing! We enjoyed producing content for readers, in which we hope you enjoyed equally as well.

All our existing content will be available on our new website. We’ve set up a spanking new interface to cater you viewers, allowing essential information to be read easily. More graphics have been added, on top of our large database of quality images, to make your browsing experience better. We are also expanding, diversifying into the other modes of land transport, encompassing trains and taxis.

PublicTransportSG@Wordpress is now Land Transport Guru. Visit us at www.landtransportguru.net now! We look forward to your continued support!

PTSG Admin Team

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Established in March 2013, we strive to consolidate and provide information about public transport (mostly buses) in Singapore. Content in this page, articles and images alike, are generated and kept up-to-date by our small team of contributors.

The page currently carries information on many aspects of Singapore’s bus framework. Aside from dedicated articles for each scheduled bus service, we also have well-developed articles covering transport infrastructure, such as current bus models, interchanges and depots. We also include some special articles on various topics which you can visit in the Bus Articles section.

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  1. Hey there, I’m a fellow bus fan 🙂 would just like to say that your website is very informative! Sad to say that I’m nowhere as well-informed as you (guys?) but I’m glad your site exists for people like me to improve their knowledge on bus matters. And I can tell that the people writing all these articles have a very good command of the English language, which makes comprehension so much easier. Thank you!

    P.S. I don’t mind contributing articles or helping in whatever way I can with regard to the upkeep of this site. Please feel free to contact me at the email address listed above!

  2. Keep up the good work! Creating and maintaining a website containing such detailed information is challenging under contemporary circumstances. To see such an informative website is something pretty hard to come by these days.

  3. Hi, nice & informative site on SG buses! I am wondering why the new generation of buses are getting noisier and hotter, especially at the end / back. It is almost unbearable for people sitting at the back as well as waiting outside when faced directly to it. Would be nice to get response from you guys.

    • Sometimes when I sit at the back or the first seat on the left I feel very hot (Citaro) but mostly I don’t think so. Buses nowadays are supposed to be more environmentally-friendly.

  4. Hello, author of this blog, I would like to thank you for a job well done. As a fellow bus/train enthusiast, I am really delighted at this blog that lists many unique and interesting facts about different bus routes. For example, I commute on bus 105 a lot and I’ve noticed that I’ve never boarded a single double-deck 105, but I was curious as to the reasoning behind it, which I only realised after reading your blog.

    Just wondering what are your visitor stats like? I’m quite interested in knowing how often this blog is viewed.

  5. I hope there will be more services to Pasir Panjang / Alexandra area. Currently there are too many services to Suntec and Raffles Place/Shenton Way only.

  6. I love that you very succinctly capture the “personality” of each route – it makes taking the bus more interesting! Can I contact you by email regarding some of the bus services info? (Or could you drop me a line, please? Thanks!)

  7. hi there, i just want to say that on svc121 and svc120’s has an error,as they both have scania k230ubs now
    and svc 65 has mb 0530 citaros, scania K230UBs, and volvo B10M markIVs

    • Can you please reverse back to the old one as this is NOT mobile friends friendly. I have been waiting for the past months but it is not mobile friendly. I will rate this website 5 stars if it is mobile friendly. Thank you for your understanding.

  8. For the DDs, it could be due to height restrictions on a certain part of the route, or rigid buses cope well with loading levels.
    For 920 and 922, it’s a low to moderate demand service which do not need bendys unless on a rare occasion..
    For 966, a tight turn is located at Marine Parade, which should require a professional bus driver to make the turn..

  9. Yah. During the weekends, there is lots of people on service 966 but there is not any double deckers during the weekends, same as some of the buses like service 963. I wish that SMRT will increase the number of double deckers during the weekends

  10. 135: height restriction at upper aljunied road
    48 and 66: ask SBST honestly no point asking here
    154: should be enough…. If too many DDs deployed it would be a waste especially off peak hours
    922: not Necessary, they have the LRT
    985: regular commuter of 985 everyday, sometimes I see many ppl however there are only a few people standing, unless the bus is late. Most of the seats are taken with only some ppl standing, completely not necessary

    • I take 66 and 985 regularly and I always see fully-packed buses pulling in to pick me up. There aren’t any double decks during peak hours, unfortunately, but double-decks are always spotted during off-peak. Such a waste.

  11. Service 155 and 158 will not deploy double deckers as they have fleet restrictions at Joo Chiat, Telok Kurau Road and Tanjong Rhu respectively.

    For service 48 and 66, I have no idea why SBS Transit does not deploy any double deckers. Perhaps you should/might ask them.

    For service 135, I have no idea with it but maybe it is due to Upper Aljunied Road.

    • 48 is because of low lying trees along Tg Katong Rd South. 66 is now perfectly fine for DDs after trees along Bt Timah Rd are trimmed.

  12. Service 15: Road limitations along Joo Chiat and Telok Kurau Road.
    Service 18: Limited demand due to duplication of many other services
    Service 35: Not all of the times there are lots of people (wasting resources)
    Service 40: Wasting resources (low demand)

    Service 965: Sengkang Bus Interchange cannot accumulated articulated buses, moreover, this service already have double deckers in its fleet
    Service 972: Full fleet of double deckers
    Service 975: Road limitations at Lim Chu Kang
    Service 990: Maybe due to no BSEP articulated buses registered yet

  13. Two bendy buses were on trial before, but SBST rejected the trial as the bendy buses took up alot of space. The buses were sold to New Zealand.

    • I agree. Articulated buses take up more space than double-decks and can take similar number of passengers as double-decks. So why not choose double-deck for places with frequent traffic jams (e.g. Newton Circus) (places which never have traffic jam is fine e.g. residential areas; tuas)

  14. You should read fleet restrictions article and all the bus route article to find out all the things you wanted to find out.

  15. 1. Double decks are deployed on long and high capacity routes. 180, 184, 189 and 962 already has bendys, which are already good.
    2. 975 goes to Lim Chu Kang. How to u-turn?
    3. 990 full route distance is 8.7km. It’s not that long.

  16. Dear SBS Transit,
    The services 48 and 66 still never deployed double deck because it pruned up all the trees at Bukit Timah Road. Can we give double deckers on 48 and 66.

    Why you don’t want to buy Articulated bus for SBS Transit. This services are to help with no double deckers, less double deckers and half double and half single.


  17. Next question, like I said why RWS8 does not have double decks? RWS8 restriction is no bendy bus. Why RWS8 does not have double deck when is restricted from bendy bus.

    For 188R and 963R, what is R stands for?

    Next question, why SMRT Buses do not introduced double decker bus even earlier like 1999, 2011, 2012 instead of 2014 and 2015.

    How about bendy bus? Since bendy bus serves on Feeders and intra-towns. But how about the rest of the buses? Are the going to transport (sold) or scrapped earlier like Dennis Lance 245s.

    • I is think because it low demand service.
      R is stand for Resort World Sentosa
      I is think because SMRT trial bendy bus 838H and the trial is successful so they no have trial double decker.
      Bendy bus will be on service until they is retire. They is all be scrap because they is buses for SMRT.

  18. When Nite Owl from SBS Transit start deploying double decks?

    Is Resort World Sentosa Basement suitable for double decks instead of bendy bus instead?

    Mostly in 2017, the articulated buses are going to scrapped, 160 bendies. The bendy bus are going to all scrapped by 2021.

    Why don’t on SBS Transit Express Routes give more double decks? No Wastage at all.

    • Nite Owl Services for double decks is on 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N and 6N.

      Express Routes need more double deck, like 7 double deck.

      Why BSEP are not selected for Articulated Buses.

      Why NightRiders NR2 and NR3 do not deployed articulated buses.

    • Right. On 502 single-deck the people always packed like sardines. Driver say next bus coming in 2 minutes but wait 10 minutes also don’t have. Then after that come another single already full before anyone can board.

    • Hi FF/FR,
      1. Nobody here is SMRT or SBS Transit.
      2. The articles clearly states why.
      3. For answers that are not in this website, ask SMRT or SBS Transit. The authors are not Gods.
      4. I Also Do Not Know Why No One Tell You.


  19. Hi,
    I would like to request for an addition bus service serving outside ARK@Gambas Business Premises located at Gambas Aveune as soon as possible for the convenient of all working personnel working there as it is inconvenient for them to take bus when they ended work.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from your good news soon!

  20. I am a resident in Yishun but my school is at Siglap, Marine Parade. The shortest way is 858 (SMRT) to Changi A’port, then 36 (SBST)to School. Every single day, I travel on the same Man A22 to the A’port. Articulated and DD Buses are not deployed because of height restrictions and sharp turnings in the A’port, but that doesn’t give a reason why it does not deploy its new Merceds Benz Citaro (SMRT) version. You guys have any idea why this model is not deployed on service 858?

    • Hi Victorian,

      Currently, SMRT’s Mercedes-Benz Citaros are based in Ang Mo Kio Depot as well as Bulim Depot, while Service 858’s fleet comes from Woodlands Depot. Hence the lack of Citaros on Service 858.

      PTSG@WP Admin Team

    • SBS is always better. Its maintenence and cleaniness is up to mark. SMRT maintenance and cleaniness is ok. But it seems both have difficulties managing their bus fleet due to manpower problems.

    • I think SMRT is better. The buses is not as noisy and there are information screens on the next stop (but why sometimes is blank?) and last time I take 186 I press bell (got sound) and then at the stop driver never stop so we had to alight like 10 metre away from bus stop

  21. quite pleased with this website, used this for quite some time already and still very useful. hope there can be more historical routes and information of defunct bus interchanges

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