SBS Transit Bus Service 19


SBS Transit Bus Service 19 is a circular trunk route connecting Tampines and Changi Airfreight Centre through Tampines East, Loyang Avenue and Nicoll Drive. It is one of three daily trunk services to Changi Airfreight Centre (formerly Changi Airport Cargo Complex, CACC), and only operates in the day.

Route Information
Route Tampines Bus Interchange ↺ Changi Airfreight Centre (Loop) 
Passes Through Tampines, Loyang Avenue, Nicoll Drive
Route Length 22.0km
Travelling Time 80mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SBS Transit
Current Depot Changi Bus Park (CGBP)
Current Fleet Volvo B9TL
Scania K230UB
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
Departure Times from T1 0530 – 2015 (Daily)
Frequency Loop Service
0630-0830: 06 – 08 mins
0831-1659: 06 – 16 mins
1700-1930: 06 – 09 mins
After 1930: 08 – 13 mins

Route History

Introduced in 1992, Service 19 is one of three daily daily services to Changi Airfreight Centre, formerly known as Changi Airport Cargo Complex or CACC. The route connects Tampines Regional Centre and to the offices and industries in the Changi area. In parallel with normal commuting patterns, much of its demand is encountered during the peak hours when workers commute between the industrial areas and transport nodes at Tampines.

Changi Airfreight Centre is a restricted area and only staff with valid passes are allowed to enter. Auxiliary police officers will board the bus to check for staff passes at the Police Pass Office along Airline Road. Visitors who do not have a pass are to alight and re-board the bus after it returns from completing its loop within the Airfreight Centre (at a separate bus stop opposite Police Pass Office).

Upon tapping out of the bus, the exit reader will display “Ride Suspended”. It will resume the journey when one taps onboard the same service after the bus comes out of the Airfreight Centre. Cash-paying passengers will still have to pay a full fare to their journey after they board the bus.

Service 19 is a wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB) since 26 Sep 2011. It received additional buses under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) progressively from 2013 onwards.

Fare: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Fleet: Service 19 operates a mix of Volvo B9TL and Scania K230UB buses. Additional Volvo B9TL and Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses were added under the BSEP scheme.

Route Information:

Loop Service (via Airport Cargo Rd)
  • Tampines Int
  • Tampines Ave 7
  • Loyang Ave
  • Telok Paku Rd
  • Nicoll Dr
  • Airline Rd
  • Airport Cargo Rd
  • Airline Rd
  • Nicoll Dr
  • Telok Paku Rd
  • Loyang Ave
  • Tampines Ave 7
  • Tampines Int

Road names in red are restricted roads and only authorised personnel with a valid Airport Staff Pass are allowed to ride the bus through the restricted roads

Operator History:

  • 1988 – 2001: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 2001 – Present: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016. 



  • 1992: Introduced as Tampines Int – Changi Airport Cargo Complex (Loop) when service 29 was shortened from CACC to Changi Village. Loops at Airline Road (SIA Plant and Maint Off)
  • 2004: Amended to loop at new branch of Airline Rd (called Airport Cargo Road), internal bus stops relocated

Past Routings:

  • Refer to this article
  • 1992: No route amendments since introduction.


External Links:

  • TransitLink E-Guide



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