SBS Transit Service 30e


SBS Transit Service 30e is a Fast-Forward variant of Service 30, plying between Bedok and Pasir Panjang. It passes through Pasir Panjang, HarbourFront, ECP, Old Airport and Bedok.

Route Information
Route AM Peak:
Bedok Bus Interchange → Pasir Panjang Road (Opp Heng Mui Keng Terrace)
PM Peak:
Pasir Panjang Road (Heng Mui Keng Terrace) →  Bedok Bus Interchange
Passes Through Pasir Panjang, HarbourFront, ECP, Old Airport, Bedok
Route Length 24.1km (D1) | 24.3km (D2)
Travelling Time 65mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SBS Transit
Current Depot Bedok North Bus Depot (BNDEP)
Current Fleet Volvo B10M Mark IV
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
Shifts Weekdays: 5S
Departure Times from T1 0706 – 0754 (Weekdays)
Departure Times from T2 1736 – 1824 (Weekdays)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
0630-0830: 12 mins 1700-1930: 12 mins

oute history:

  • 2005 (19 Sep): Introduced between Bedok Int and Science Park II.
  • 2009 (23 Feb): Enhanced to call at PSA Wharves G3 and extended to Heng Mui Keng Terr along Pasir Panjang Road in both directions
  • 2011 (19 Nov): Terminates at Bedok Temporary Bus Interchange
  • 2012 (Aug 27): Calls at a pair of bus stops along Alexandra Rd (Opp Alexandra DP Blk 3 for AM Peak and Alexandra DP Blk 3 for PM Peak).
  • 2013 (29 Dec): Express sector diverted to Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) from ECP.
  • 2014 (30 Nov): Amended to air-conditioned Bedok Integrated Transport Hub (ITH)
  • 2016 (25 Jan): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)

Service 30e was introduced as a Fast-Forward variant of Service 30, providing faster commute between various points of Service 30’s route. The route connects the Eastern areas of Bedok, Geylang Serai, Old Airport and Fort Road with the Western areas of HarbourFront and Pasir Panjang, where many industries and offices are located.

The route skips selected stops throughout its route in both directions. In addition, it has a longer express sector in the middle; between Telok Blangah Road and Fort Road via the Marina Coastal Expressway and Ayer Rajah Expressway. Buses can ply different routes along the express sectors depending on traffic conditions.

Route Variants: 

  • SBS Transit Trunk Service 30

Fare: Charges express fares. See Fare Table.

Fleet: Service 30e′s fleet comprises of Mercedes-Benz Citaros and Volvo B10M MkIVs operating as crossovers from Service 30. These buses will supplement Services 222 and 229 before or after their trips of 30e.

Currently, Shortworking trip 222A utilizes buses from 30e.

Route Information:

Direction 1 Direction 2
  • Bedok Int
  • New Upp Changi Rd
  • Changi Rd
  • Dunman Rd
  • Old Airport Rd
  • Mountbatten Rd
  • Fort Rd
  • MCE
  • AYE
  • Telok Blangah Rd
  • Pasir Panjang Rd
  • Pasir Panjang Rd
  • Telok Blangah Rd
  • AYE
  • MCE
  • Fort Rd
  • Mountbatten Rd
  • Old Airport Rd
  • Dunman Rd
  • Sims Ave
  • New Upp Changi Rd
  • Bedok Int

Operator History:

  • 2005 – Present: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016. 


External Links:

  • TransitLink E-Guide



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One thought on “SBS Transit Service 30e

  1. Dear admin, you may want to state that in the “Fast Forward 30e at a glance” the route plies along MCE instead of ECP. Thank you.

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