SMRT Bus Service 75

Bus Service 75 calls at additional bus stops along Woodlands Road as well as change its calling bus stop along Jelebu Road from 04 Sep 2017.

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SMRT Bus Service 75 is a trunk route linking Bukit Panjang with Marina Centre, via Cashew Road, Upper Bukit Timah, Clementi Road, Ulu Pandan, Holland Road, Outram Park, Robinson Road and St. Andrews Road.

^ SMRT MAN A22 (SMB328R) – Service 75, with SMRT promotional advertising wrap

Route Information
Route Bukit Panjang Temporary Bus Park  Marina Centre Bus Terminal 
Passes Through Cashew Road, Upper Bukit Timah, Clementi Road, Ulu Pandan, Holland Road, Outram Park, Robinson Road, St. Andrews Road
Route Length 25.0km (D1) | 25.1km (D2)
Travelling Time 80mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SMRT Buses
Current Depot Woodlands Bus Depot (WLDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Single Deck Bus:
– MAN NL323F
Departure Times from T1 0525 – 2330 (Daily)
Departure Times from T2 0615 – 2345 (Weekdays, Saturday)
0630 – 2345 (Sunday/PHs)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
0630-0830: 07 – 09 mins
0831-1659: 09 – 15 mins
1700-1930: 12 – 17 mins
After 1930: 12 – 18 mins
0630-0830: 11 – 14 mins
0831-1659: 08 – 15 mins
1700-1930: 08 – 13 mins
After 1930: 13 – 16 mins

Route History

Service 75 connects the West to the Central areas, serving residents of Bukit Panjang, Upper Bukit Timah and Holland with connections to the City areas of Grange Road, Great World, Outram Park, Shenton Way, Fullerton and Marina Centre. It is also only service to ply Grange Road. The long detour along the outskirts of the City offers unique connections between various points of its route.

From Bukit Panjang, Service 75 compliments Service 184 to Clementi Road, a sector of high demand during peak periods with demand from various educational institutes along Clementi Road, such as Ngee Ann Polytechnic and SIM. It also provides daily bus connections between Marina Centre and the Shenton Way district, although this unique sector does not appear to be well-utilized.

Formerly an SBS route since 1981, the route was transferred to TIBS in 1995 and has been operated by SMRT ever since. High-capacity articulated/double-deck buses are not deployed due to insufficient demand.

Shortworking Trips:

  • Service 75A: Bukit Panjang Road → Clementi Road (Opp SIM HQ)
    Weekdays AM Peak only

Fare: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares..

Fleet: Service 75′s fleet comprises MAN NL323F buses. Additional MAN NL323F buses were added under the BSEP scheme.

Route Information:

Direction 1 Direction 2
  • Bt Panjang Temp Bus Park
  • Woodlands Rd
  • Bt Panjang Rd
  • Jelebu Rd
  • Petir Rd
  • Cashew Rd
  • Upp Bt Timah Rd
  • Jln Anak Bt
  • Clementi Rd
  • Ulu Pandan Rd
  • Holland Rd
  • Napier Rd
  • Grange Rd
  • Irwell Bank Rd
  • Kim Seng Rd
  • Outram Rd
  • Cantonment Rd
  • Anson Rd
  • Robinson Rd
  • Fullerton Rd
  • Raffles Blvd
  • Marina Centre Ter
  • Marina Centre Ter
  • Raffles Ave
  • Connaught Dr
  • Fullerton Rd
  • Collyer Quay
  • Raffles Quay
  • Shenton Way
  • Cantonment Link
  • Cantonment Rd
  • Outram Rd
  • Tiong Bahru Rd
  • Zion Rd
  • Hoot Kiam Rd
  • Grange Rd
  • Napier Rd
  • Holland Rd
  • Ulu Pandan Rd
  • Clementi Rd
  • Upp Bt Timah Rd
  • Cashew Rd
  • Petir Rd
  • Jelebu Rd
  • Bt Panjang Rd
  • Woodlands Rd
  • Bt Panjang Temp Bus Park

Operator History:

  • 1981 – 1995: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 1995 – 2004: Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd
  • 2004 – Present: SMRT Buses Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016. 



  • 1981: Introduced by SBS between Clementi and Empress Place, peak hour semi-express service. Later made to loop at Empress Place.
  • 1984: Converted to full-day trunk service
  • 1986 (30 Nov): Extended to Marina Centre
  • 1988: Amended to serve Clementi Ave 3. Later extended to serve Choa Chu Kang Town that same year, terminating at Choa Chu Kang Ter.
  • 1990 (10 Mar): Amended to Choa Chu Kang Int
  • 1990 (16 Dec): Amended to Choa Chu Kang Way, skipping Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 and Choa Chu Kang Dr
  • 1993 (03 Jan): Amended to Bukit Panjang Ter
  • 1995: Handed over to Trans-Island Bus Service (TIBS)
  • 1999 (26 Dec): Amended to Bt Panjang Int
  • 2012 (01 Jul): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2012 (16 Dec): Diverted to Bt Panjang Temp Bus Park with the closure of Bukit Panjang Int. Route amended to Bt Panjang Rd and Jelebu Rd
  • 2013: Service improvement under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)

Past Routings:

  • Refer to this article
  • 1993: Amended to present routing. No significant route changes since 1993.


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3 thoughts on “SMRT Bus Service 75

  1. Don’t they deploy double deckers or bendy bus since it high demand i have seen it including non peak hours. Since there is no route limitations.

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