SMRT Bus Service 180

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SMRT Bus Service 180 is a trunk route from Boon Lay Interchange and looping at Bukit Panjang. passing through Jurong West Street 64, Boon Lay Way, Bukit Batok Road and Jelebu Road.
^ SMRT MAN NG363F A24 (SMB8026J) – Service 180

Route Information
Route Boon Lay Bus Interchange ↺ Bukit Panjang Road (Loop)
Passes Through Jurong West St 64, Boon Lay Way, Bukit Batok Rd, Jelebu Rd
Route Length 20.6km
Travelling Time 75 – 80 mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SMRT Buses
Current Depot Kranji Bus Depot (KJDEP)
Current Fleet 18-metre Articulated Bus:
– Mercedes-Benz O405G
MAN NG363F (A24)
Departure Times from T1 0520 – 2300 (Weekdays, Sat)
0530 – 2300 (Sun/PHs)
2311 – 2345 (Service 180A*, Daily)
Frequency Loop Service
0630-0830: 03 – 10 mins
0831-1659: 08 – 15 mins
1700-1930: 09 – 10 mins
After 1930: 08 – 17 mins
Notes From 2311hrs to 2345hrs daily, buses leaving Boon Lay Interchange will operate as Service 180A and terminate at Bukit Panjang Road (Blk 183)

Route History

Service 180 is a inter-town route connecting Jurong West and Bukit Panjang, serving Lakeside and Chinese Garden MRT stations. It is also the most direct route between Boon Lay and Bukit Panjang, offering faster journey times as compared to the MRT. As such, the service is well patronized throughout the day, with moderate to high demand at most times of day. As such, high capacity articulated buses make up the whole permanent fleet.

This route was previously operating as a bidirectional service between Bukit Panjang and Boon Lay, but buses did not have extended breaks at Boon Lay due to space constraints. When Bukit Panjang Int was demolished to make way for the new Integrated Transport Hub, this route converted to start from Boon Lay and loop at Bukit Panjang. It will likely revert to bidirectional operation when the new Bukit Panjang Interchange opens.

Originally introduced as Service 951 in 1990, a series of major amendments has shortened the route to its present form since 1996.

From 2311hrs daily, buses leaving Boon Lay Interchange will operate as Shortworking Trip 180A and terminate at Bukit Panjang Road (Blk 183). Additional trips of 180A operated in the late evening (weekdays only) are performed by split-shift buses before being taken out of service.

Special Departures:

  • Petir Road (Bt Panjang Stn)  Boon Lay Int
    Weekdays: 0520hrs – 0620hrs
     0520hrs – 0620hrs

    Sundays/PHs: 0530hrs – 0630hrs
  • Bukit Panjang Road (Blk 183)  Boon Lay Int
    Weekday Peak hours


Shortworking Trips:

  • Service 180A: Boon Lay Interchange → Bt Panjang Rd (Blk 183)
    1916 – 1950 (Weekdays), 2311 – 2345 (Daily)

Fare: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Fleet: See Above. A Double-decker bus from Service 190 will run a special departure from Bukit Panjang Rd on Service 180 during Weekday AM Peak.

Route Information:

Loop Service (via Bukit Panjang)
  • Boon Lay Int
  • Jurong West St 64
  • Boon Lay Way
  • Jurong Town Hall Rd
  • Bt Batok Rd
  • Choa Chu Kang Rd
  • Petir Rd
  • Bt Panjang Rd
  • Bt Panjang Rd
  • Choa Chu Kang Rd
  • Bt Batok Rd
  • Jurong Town Hall Rd
  • Boon Lay Way
  • Jurong West St 64
  • Boon Lay Int

Operator History:

  • 1996 – 2004: Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd
  • 2004 – Present: SMRT Buses Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016.



  • 1990 (10 Jun): Introduced as Service 951, Marsiling Ter – Jurong Int
  • 1990 (01 Jul): Amended to Boon Lay Int with the closure of Jurong Int
  • 1996 (04 Feb): Amended to Woodlands Regional Int
  • 1996 (10 Mar): Re-numbered to Service 180 and shortened to Bt Panjang Ter – Boon Lay Int
  • 1999 (26 Dec): Amended to start from Bt Panjang Int
  • 2006 (18 Jun): Amended to Boon Lay Temp Int
  • 2009 (27 Dec): Amended to Boon Lay Integrated Transport Hub (ITH)
  • 2012 (16 Dec): Amended to loop at Petir Road with the closure of Bt Panjang Int, Shortworking trip 180A introduced.
  • 2015 (Jun): Bus Service Reliability Framework (BSRF) implemented for trial till Aug 2016
  • 2016 (12 Jan): Start of double-decker bus deployments under Service 190 crossover.

Past Routings:

  • Refer to this article
  • 2012: No significant route changes since 2012.


External Links & References:

  • TransitLink E-Guide
  • SGWiki – Buses

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3 thoughts on “SMRT Bus Service 180

  1. On 1st Feb 20:50… From Boon Lay interchange towards Bukit panjang… Just went out interchange after two turns, there is a hamp… The diver just went through roughly… At the back section of bus passengers going to fell over… On the way … He drive Vry roughly too… Like rushing the timing… Can the management look into this matter…

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