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SMRT Bus Service 964 is a trunk route from Woodlands Regional Interchange and looping at Woodlands Loop, passing through Woodands Avenue 7, 6, 9 and Woodlands Link. It does not operate on Sundays and Public Holidays.
^ SMRT Dennis Enviro500 (SMB5079B) – Service 964

Route Information
Route Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange ↺ Woodlands Loop (Loop)
Passes Through Woodands Avenue 7,6,9, Woodlands Link
Route Length 9.9km
Travelling Time 40 – 45 mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SMRT Buses
Current Depot Woodlands Bus Depot (WLDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Double Deck Bus:
– Alexander Dennis Enviro500
18-metre Articulated Bus:
– Mercedes-Benz O405G
12-metre Single Deck Bus:
– MAN NL323F
Departure Times from T1 0600 – 2245 (Weekdays)
0600 – 1700 (Saturdays)
Frequency Loop Service
0630-0830: 04 – 07 mins
0831-1659: 05 – 13 mins
1700-1930: 05 – 06 mins
After 1930: 05 – 18 mins

Route History

Service 964 serves as both an industrial and residential route, connecting residential developments around Woodlands Ave 6 and Woodlands Ave 7, and industries around Woodlands Ave 9 and Woodlands Loop, with transport nodes at Woodlands Regional Centre.

The route does not operate on Sundays and Public Holidays, as its residential sector between Woodlands Int and Woodlands Ave 6 runs parallel to Intratown 913. With much of its demand coming from the industrial estate, the route encounters moderate demand during the day but high demand during peak hours, and much of its fleet operates under split-shift. High capacity double-deck buses were added to the fleet in Jan 2015.

Fare: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Fleet: Service 964′s fleet comprises Alexander Dennis Enviro500, Mercedes-Benz O405G and MAN NL323F buses.

Route Information:

Loop Service
Woodlands Reg Int

Woodlands Ave 7

Woodlands Ave 6

Woodlands Ave 9

Woodlands Loop

Woodlands Link

Woodlands Ave 9

Woodlands Ave 6

Woodlands Ave 7

Woodlands Reg Int

Operator History:

1997 – 2004: Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd

2004 – Present: SMRT Buses Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016.



1997 (24 Nov): Introduced by TIBS plying Woodlands Regional Int – Woodlands Link (Loop), operating during the peak hours: 0630-0930 on Mon-Sat, 1630-1945 on Mon-Fri, 1130-1400 on Sat.

2007 (30 Jul): Extension of operation hours for a trial period of 6 months, eventually became a permanent arrangement: 0600-2245 on Mon-Fri, 0600-1600 on Sat

2013: Service improvement under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)

2013 (31 Aug): Last bus on Saturdays extended from 1600hrs to 1630hrs

2014 (05 Apr): Last bus on Saturdays extended from 1630hrs to 1700hrs

2015 (12 Jan): Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 double-decker bus deployed.

Past Routings:

Refer to this article

1997: No significant route changes since 1997.


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