SMRT Bus Service 966

SMRT Bus Service 966 is a trunk route from Woodlands Regional Interchange and looping at Marine Parade, passing through Marsiling, Bukit Panjang, Whitley, Jalan Toa Payoh, Eunos and Still Road. Incorporating long express sectors, the route serves as an important connection between the housing estates of Bukit Panjang, Toa Payoh, Eunos and Marine Parade.

SMRT Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMC (SMB3514A) – Service 966

Route Information
Route Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange ↺ Marine Parade Road (Loop)  WAB_logo_20px
Passes Through Marsiling, Bukit Panjang, Whitley, Jln Toa Payoh, Eunos, Still Rd
Route Length 63.6km
Travelling Time 125mins (Offpeak)
Operator Information
Current Operator SMRT Buses
Current Depot Woodlands Bus Depot (WLDEP)
Current Fleet MAN NL323F
Alexander Dennis Enviro500
Departure Times from T1 0530 – 2230 (Weekdays | Full Loop)
0545 – 2230 (Sat, Sun/PHs | Full Loop)
2250 – 2330 (Daily | Terminates at Parkway Parade, B02 Marine Parade Rd)
Departure Times from Looping Point From Opp Parkway Parade, B01 Marine Parade Rd
0545 – 2330 (Weekdays)
0600 – 2330 (Sat, Sun/PHs)
Frequency Loop Service
0630-0830: 06 – 10 mins
0831-1659: 07 – 14 mins
1700-1930: 08 – 16 mins
After 1930: 14 – 16 mins
Notes From 2250hrs onwards, buses leaving Woodlands Regional Int will terminate at Marine Parade Road (Parkway Parade).

Route History

Service 966 is an inter-town route serving between the housing estates around Woodlands, Bukit Panjang, Jalan Toa Payoh, Eunos and Marine Parade. The route is frequented as a fast connection between Woodlands, Bukit Panjang, Toa Payoh and Eunos due to its long express sectors along the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE).

The route shares its Woodlands – Bukit Panjang sector with Services 187 and 963, but is otherwise non-duplicative for most of its route and boasts many unique connections. Despite few duplicating routes, this service experiences moderate to low demand during off-peak hours, but very high demand during peak hours. As such, high capacity Alexander Dennis Enviro500 double-deck buses were deployed in August 2014 to cope with peak hour loads. As of 2015, the BSEP has added a significant eight buses to improve the route, among the most resources allocated to enhancing an existing bus route under the BSEP.

The route being exceptionally long has a runtime of around 2 hours and 20 minutes, and is prone to bunching up and delays due to expressway jams during the peak hours, causing large fluctuations in bus frequency. From 2250hrs onwards (daily), buses leaving Woodlands Regional Int will terminate at Marine Parade Road (Parkway Parade), but continues to operate as Service 966 (without other indications of its half-trip nature).

Special Departures:

  • Marine Parade Road (Opp Parkway Parade)  Woodlands Int
    Weekdays: 0545hrs, 0600hrs, 0615hrs, 0630hrs (4 departures)
    Saturdays: 0600hrs, 0615hrs, 0630hrs (3 departures)
    Sat/Sun/PHs: 0600hrs, 0620hrs (2 departures)
  • Bt Panjang Road (Blk 223)  Marine Parade Woodlands Int
    Weekdays AM Peak; Saturdays 0605hrs; Sunday 0600hrs
  • Woodlands Int  Marine Parade (Parkway Parade)
    Daily, 2250hrs – 2330hrs

Fare: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Fleet: Service 966′s fleet comprises MAN NL323F and Alexander Dennis Enviro500 buses.

Route Information:

Loop Service (via Marine Parade Rd)
  1. Woodlands Regional Interchange
  2. Woodlands Ave 3 (Blk 347)
  3. Woodlands Ave 3 (Blk 320)
  4. Woodlands Ave 3 (opp Marsiling Stn)
  5. Woodlands Ave 3 (Blk 402)
    BKE (express)
  6. Bt Panjang Rd (Blk 223)
  7. Pending Rd (bef Pending Stn)
  8. Petir Rd (Blk 219)
  9. Petir Rd (Blk 202)
  10. Petir Rd (aft Chestnut Ave)
  11. Petir Rd (bef Dairy Farm Rd)
    Dairy Farm Rd (express)
    BKE (express)
    PIE (express)
  12. PIE (opp Catholic JC)
  13. PIE (Old Police Academy)
  14. Jln Toa Payoh (Trellis Twrs)
    PIE (express)
  15. Jln Toa Payoh (aft Blk 195)
  16. Jln Toa Payoh (St. Andrew’s Jnr Sch)
  17. Jln Kolam Ayer (Kolam Ayer Ind Est)
  18. Jln Kolam Ayer (aft Infineon)
    PIE (express)
  19. Jln Eunos (opp Blk 16)
  20. Jln Eunos (opp Eunos Stn)
  21. Still Rd (aft Lor G Telok Kurau)
  22. Still Rd (aft Lor J Telok Kurau)
  23. Still Rd (aft Still Lane)
  24. Still Rd Sth (aft Grand Hotel)
  25. Marine Parade Rd (bet Blks 72/74)
  26. Marine Parade Rd (Parkway Parade)
  1. Marine Parade Rd (Parkway Parade)
  2. Marine Parade Rd (opp Parkway Parade)
  3. Marine Parade Rd (opp Blk 72)
  4. Still Rd Sth (bef Grand Hotel)
  5. Still Rd (aft East Coast Rd)
  6. Still Rd (aft Lor Nangka)
  7. Still Rd (Flora East)
  8. Jln Eunos (Eunos Stn)
  9. Jln Eunos (Blk 17)
    PIE (express)
  10. Jln Kolam Ayer (Kallang Basin Swim Cplx)
  11. Jln Kolam Ayer (MOM Svcs Ctr)
  12. Jln Toa Payoh (opp St. Andrew’s Jnr Sch)
  13. Jln Toa Payoh (opp Blk 195)
    PIE (express)
  14. Jln Toa Payoh (opp Trellis Twrs)
  15. Whitley Rd (Catholic JC)
    PIE (express)
    BKE (express)

    Dairy Farm Rd (express)
  16. Petir Rd (aft Dairy Farm Rd)
  17. Petir Rd (bef Chestnut Ave)
  18. Petir Rd (opp Blk 201)
  19. Petir Rd (opp Blk 219)
  20. Pending Rd (opp Pending Stn)
  21. Bt Panjang Rd (Blk 270)
    BKE (express)
  22. Woodlands Ave 3 (opp Blk 402)
  23. Woodlands Ave 3 (Marsiling Stn)
  24. Woodlands Ave 3 (Blk 173)
  25. Woodlands Ave 3 (opp Blk 347)
  26. Woodlands Regional Interchange
Service 966 at a glance. Click for larger image.

Service 966 at a glance. Click for larger image.

Operator History:

  • 2003 – 2004: Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd
  • 2004 – Present: SMRT Buses Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016.



  • 2003 (16 Nov): Introduced between Woodlands Regional Int and Marine Parade (Loop).
  • 2007 (07 Jan): Amended to ply Bukit Panjang Rd, Pending Rd, Petir Rd and Dairy Farm Rd in both directions instead of BKE (express)
  • 2011 (04 Sep): Amended to Whampoa East instead of Whampoa North, due to the closure of Whampoa North for the new Woodsville Interchange
  • 2012 (21 Oct): Amended to skip Bendemeer Rd / Serangoon Rd entirely
  • 2012 (15 Nov): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2013: Service improvement under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)
  • 2014 (18 Aug): Alexander Dennis Enviro500 double-deck buses deployed

Past Routings:



SMRT Mercedes-Benz Citaro (SMB150K) – Service 966

SMRT Mercedes-Benz O405 (TIB529A) – Service 966


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