SMRT NightRider NR2


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SMRT NightRider NR2 is a unidirectional night bus route running from Marina Centre Terminal to Sembawang Drive, passing through City Hall, River Valley, Orchard, Stevens, PIE, BKE, Marsiling, Woodlands and Sembawang.

Operating on Fridays, Saturdays & Eves of Public Holidays, it is one of seven NightRider bus routes operated by SMRT Buses.
^ SMRT MAN NL323F (SMB1500C) – Service NR2

Route Information
Route Marina Centre Bus Terminal → Sembawang Drive (Blk 317)
Passes Through City Hall, Clarke Quay, River Valley, Orchard, Stevens, PIE, BKE, Marsiling, Woodlands, Sembawang
Route Length 37.0km
Travelling Time 75mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SMRT Buses
Current Depot Woodlands Bus Depot (WLDEP)
Current Fleet MAN NL323F
Any rigid bus
Shifts 6 departures from Marina Ctr
Departure Times from T1 Fridays, Saturdays & Eves of Public Holidays
2330hrs – 0200hrs (the following day)
Frequency Unidirectional Service
0630-0830: —
0831-1659: —
1700-1930: —
After 1930: 30 mins

Route History

NightRider NR2 is a late-night service connecting the city areas of Marina Centre, City Hall, River Valley and Orchard with the residential estates of Woodlands Centre, Marsiling, Woodlands New Town and Sembawang. Operating only on Fridays, Saturdays & Eves of Public Holidays (and special occasions if announced), the route shuttles late-night dwellers from the City to the residential estates outside the City.

Operating at a frequency of 30 minutes, six trips are operated from Marina Centre, departing at 2330hrs, 0000hrs, 0030hrs, 0100hrs, 0130hrs and 0200hrs.

Route Specifications

The route has a long express sector between Whitley Road and Woodlands Centre Road, plying more than 15km of expressway (along PIE and BKE). Other parts of the route follow major trunk roads.

During festive periods such as Christmas Eve or New Years’ Eve, more departures and downroute buses will be added to cater for late-night dwellers.


Flat Fare: $4.50 (Cash / Ez-link card)
NightRider commuters who pay by ez-link card will enjoy a free transfer to another NightRider service within a stipulated time of 45mins. This is not applicable when transferring from an ordinary service to a NightRider service. Concessionary travel is not applicable.


This service uses any random rigid bus from Woodlands Depot, but most commonly MAN NL323Fs.

Route Information:

Unidirectional Service

  1. Marina Centre Terminal
  2. Raffles Ave (Bef Temasek Ave)
  3. Raffles Ave (Seating Gallery)
  4. Raffles Ave (The Esplanade)
    Stamford Rd
  5. North Bridge Rd (St. Andrew’s Cathedral)
  6. North Bridge Rd (Opp The Treasury)
  7. South Bridge Rd (Boat Quay)
    North Canal Rd
  8. Eu Tong Sen St (Clarke Quay Stn)
  9. River Valley Rd (Clarke Quay)
  10. River Valley Rd (Liang Ct)
  11. River Valley Rd (UE Sq)
  12. River Valley Rd (Bef AA Ctr)
    Killiney Rd
  13. Somerset Rd (Somerset Stn)
    Grange Rd
    Orchard Link
  14. Orchard Turn (Opp Ngee Ann City)
  15. Orchard Turn (Orchard Stn)
    Orchard Blvd
    Paterson Rd
  16. Scotts Rd (Royal Plaza on Scotts)
  17. Scotts Rd (Thong Teck Bldg)
  18. Stevens Rd (Raffles Girls’ Sch)
  19. Stevens Rd (Chelsea Gdn Condo)
  20. Stevens Rd (Opp Met YMCA)
  21. Stevens Rd (Opp Stevens Ct)
  22. Whitley Rd (Raffles Town Club)
    Mt Pleasant Rd
    Pan-Island Expressway
    Bukit Timah Expressway
  1. Woodlands Ctr Rd (Woodlands Train Checkpt)
  2. Woodlands Ctr Rd (Opp Blk 1A)
  3. Admiralty Rd (Blk 23)
  4. Marsiling Dr (Blk 10)
  5. Marsiling Rd (Blk 12)
  6. Marsiling Rise (Opp Blk 120)
    Woodlands Ave 5
  7. Woodlands Ave 2 (Blk 803)
  8. Woodlands Ave 7 (Blk 825)
  9. Woodlands Ave 7 (Blk 853)
  10. Woodlands Ave 4 (Opp 888 Plaza)
  11. Woodlands Ave 4 (Blk 609)
  12. Woodlands Ave 5 (Blk 618)
  13. Woodlands Ave 5 (Blk 620)
  14. Woodlands Ave 6 (Blk 630)
  15. Woodlands Ave 6 (Blk 639)
  16. Woodlands Ave 6 (Blk 680)
  17. Woodlands Ave 7 (Blk 793)
  18. Woodlands Ave 7 (Woodsvale Condo)
  19. Gambas Ave (3M Bldg)
  20. Sembawang Ave (Blk 303)
  21. Canberra Rd (Blk 311)
  22. Canberra Rd (Bef Sembawang Stn)
  23. Canberra Rd (Blk 351 CP)
  24. Admiralty Dr (Blk 353)
  25. Sembawang Dr (Blk 354 CP)
  26. Sembawang Dr (Sun Plaza)
  27. Sembawang Dr (Blk 317)

Operator History:

  • 2000 – 2004: Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd
  • 2004 – Present: SMRT Buses Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016.



  • 2000 (26 May): Introduced as a unidirectional night service from Marina Centre to Woodlands
  • 2000 (18 Dec): Converted into bidirectional service looping at Woodlands Ave 4
  • 2001 (03 Dec): Extended to loop Sembawang to serve the deleted sectors of NightRider NR9. Return sector via Woodlands Avenue 3 abolished.
  • 2014 (30 Apr): Converted to unidirectional operation from Marina Centre to Sembawang. Revised departure times from 11:30pm and 2:00am, and City-bound return services will cease to operate.

Past Routings:

  • Refer to this article
  • 2014: Amended to present routing. No significant route changes since 2014.


External Links & References:

  • TransitLink E-Guide

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