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Boon lay Bus Interchange is located in Jurong West, Singapore. The interchange was built as an integrated development within Jurong Point Shopping Centre and The Centris, and connects with the nearby Boon Lay MRT Station and various other public amenities, like Jurong West Community Building and Jurong Central Park.

This interchange serves diverse group of passengers, not just residents of Jurong West but students of Nanyang Technological University and the industrial areas of Jurong and Tuas. The large coverage of service areas make Boon Lay Interchange one of the busiest interchanges in terms of passenger traffic and bus services.

With the opening of Joo Koon Bus Interchange from 21 November 2015, Services 182, 182M, 254, 255 & 257 will be relocated to Joo Koon in 3 phases

Interior of Boon Lay Bus Interchange, as seen from Berth B1


Name: Boon Lay Bus Interchange | 文礼巴士转换站
Service area: Jurong West, NTU, Pioneer, Jurong/Tuas Industrial Estate
Address: 87 Jurong West Central 3, Singapore 648343
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: EW27 Boon Lay
Berths: 11 end-on, 6 sawtooth, 4 alighting
Bus services: 24 (SBS Transit), 4 (SMRT)

Brief History:

  • 1975: Boon Lay Gardens Bus Terminal begins operations
  • 1978: Jurong Bus Interchange opens, some services were rerouted from Boon Lay Gardens
  • 1990: Boon Lay Bus Interchange opens, taking over Jurong Interchange
  • 2006: Boon Lay Temporary Interchange takes over operations
  • 2009: New Boon Lay Bus Interchange opens
  • 2010: All bus services transferred to the new interchange
  • 2015: New Joo Koon Bus Interchanges opens, Services 182, 182M, 254, 255, 257 transferred, Services 194, 251 amended, new services 256 & 258 to ply from Joo Koon to Boon Lay

Before the Interchange:

Bus transport in Boon Lay began with Jurong Bus Interchange which commenced operations on 1st June 1978. Located at the junction of Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Jurong Port Road, it catered to the residents of Jurong via a network of feeder routes. Services 10, 30, 98, 154, 157, 165, 178, 184, 187, 188, 196, 197, 198, 199, 206, 240, 241, 242, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 257, 450, 852 & 951 used to serve the interchange. When it ceased operations on 1st July 1990, most of the bus services were either relocated to the new Boon Lay Bus Interchange or rerouted to other bus interchanges. The remaining services were withdrawn.

Another lesser-known bus terminal is the Boon Lay Gardens Bus Terminal located at the junction of Boon Lay Place and Boon Lay Drive. It commenced operations in 1975, three years before Jurong Bus Interchange. Services 240, 245, 246 & 254 used to ply at that terminal, before it was re-routed to start from Jurong Interchange when it opened. A few weeks later, services 247A, 249A, 250A and 251A were introduced as single-direction peak hour services to and from Jurong and Tuas industrial estates, from Monday to Saturday. The terminal stopped operations in the 1980s and the peak hour bus services were withdrawn, and the site remains today as a heavy vehicle carpark.

The Interchange:

Boon Lay Bus Interchange commenced operations on 1st July 1990, absorbing bus services from Jurong Bus Interchange which closed down and some bus services from Jurong East Bus Interchange were amended to the new interchange. More services were progressively introduced with the development of the industrial areas in Pioneer and Tuas.

On 18 Jun 2006, the bus interchange was closed and a temporary bus interchange took over operations. It was located at the junction of Jurong West Street 64 and Boon Lay Way. Meanwhile, the existing site was demolished to make way for a new bus interchange, fully integrated with an extension of Jurong Point (called JP2) and a residential development on top, known as The Centris.

On 27th Dec 2009, the new Boon Lay Interchange commenced operations, and all bus services were relocated there with the exception of Services 179, 179A and 199. Finally, on 8th May 2010, the three services were moved back to the new interchange in line with the NTU vacation period. The new interchange was the fourth air-conditioned bus interchange to be built as well as the first along the East-West Line.

The temporary interchange would serve as a bus park for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010 where many athletes were housed within NTU. It was finally demolished in 2011.

The Opening Of Joo Koon Bus Interchange:

The transfer and amendment of bus services for Joo Koon Int from Boon Lay Int will take place in three phases.

Phase 1 – 21 Nov 2015

  • Launch of new Service 258 from Boon Lay to Joo Koon via Jurong West St 64/75/82/81/71/61/63 & Upp Jurong Road
  • Extension of Service 99 to Joo Koon via Jurong West St 93, Upp Jurong Rd

Phase 2 – 28 Nov 2015

  • Launch of new Service 256 from Joo Koon to Boon Lay via Jln Ahmad Ibrahim, Pioneer Rd North, Jurong West St 63/61/62
  • Relocation of Services 182, 182M & 257 to Joo Koon Int from Boon Lay Int
  • Amendment of Services 192 & 193 to ply outside Joo Koon Int along Benoi Rd

Phase 3 – 12 Dec 2015

  • Launch of new Service 253 from Joo Koon to Benoi Rd (Loop) via Benoi Sector & Pioneer Rd
  • Relocation of Services 254 & 255 to Joo Koon Int from Boon Lay Int
  • Amendment of Services 194 (extended to Pioneer Circus) and Service 251 (amended to Boon Lay Way & Pioneer Rd North)

For more details, view the main article here regarding the amendments of bus services related to the opening of Joo Koon Int.

Interchange facilities:

  • Interchange offices (SBST + SMRT)
  • Transitlink Ticket Office
  • Drivers lounge
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information board & Bus arrival display
  • Service guide rack
  • Toilets (Paid)

The interchange has two entrances and exits located along Jurong West Central 3; one for the end-on berths and another for the sawtooth berths. Toilets in Boon Lay Interchange charge a fee for non-staff of public transport operators; the nearest public toilet is a short walk away within Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

Bus services:

Service Berth Destination Notes
30 B13 Bedok  
79 B14 Jurong East  
154 B11 Eunos  
157 B7 Toa Payoh  
172 B6 Choa Chu Kang  
174 B16 New Bridge Road  
174e B17 → New Bridge Road Weekdays AM/PM Peak
178 B5 Woodlands  
179 B3 ↺ Nanyang Drive  
179A B1
180/A B6 ↺ Bukit Panjang  
181 B1 ↺ Jurong West Avenue 3  
187 B5 Woodlands  
192 B2 Tuas  
193 B1 Tuas  
194 B8 ↺ Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim  
198 B9 Bukit Merah  
199 B4 ↺ Nanyang Crescent  
240 B6 ↺ Corporation Road  
241 B2 ↺ Jurong West Street 91  
242 B2 ↺ Jurong West Avenue 5  
243G B3 ↺ Pioneer Road North Counterclockwise loop

Clockwise loop

243W B4
246 B15 ↺ Boon Lay Drive  
249 B12 ↺ Jalan Samulun  
251 B5 ↺ Shipyard Road  
252 B10 ↺ Joo Koon Road  
256 B3 ↺ Joo Koon  
258 B4 Joo Koon Looping Point
BSEP Service
405 B5 ↺ Old Choa Chu Kang Road Operates on selected days only

Berth allocation:

Berths B1 to B6 are sawtooth berths. Berths B7 to B17 are end-on berths.

Berth Services
Alighting For alighting only
B1 179A, 181, 193
B2 192, 241, 242
B3 179, 243G, 256
B4 199, 243W, 258
B5 178, 187, 251, 405
B6 172, 180/180A, 240
B7 157
B8 194
B9 198
B10 252
B11 154
B12 249
B13 30
B14 79
B15 246
B16 174
B17 174e



Parking areas

Alighting berths and end-on berths

Snapshot of the old Jurong Bus Interchange circa 1978. Image retrieved from

A snapshot of the Old Boon Lay Interchange circa 2006. Retrieved from Wikipedia.

A Mercedes-Benz OF1417 operating on Route 248 to Neythal Rd, at the Old Boon Lay Interchange. Image retrieved from

Entrance of Boon Lay Temporary Interchange. Image retrieved from Wikipedia.

Interior of Boon Lay Temporary Interchange circa 2006. Retrieved from Wikipedia.

Overhead view of the Boon Lay Temporary Interchange. Full image credits to

Boon Lay Temporary Interchange with only Services 179, 179A and 199 left. Full image credits to

Alighting berth of the new Boon Lay Interchange. Retrieved from

Vehicular entrance of the new Boon Lay Interchange along Jurong West Central 3. Full credits to

Interior of the new Boon Lay Interchange. Full credits to


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