Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange


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Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange is a since-demolished bus interchange located along Jebulu and Petir Road, closed since 16th December 2012 to make way for a new Integrated Transport Hub.

The new bus interchange was expected to be completed in 2015, but opening was delayed to 2017 due to canal diversion works and to tie in with the opening of the Downtown Line.

Name: (Old) Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange | (旧) 武吉班让巴士转换站
Service area: Bukit Panjang Town
Address: 15 Petir Road, Singapore 678270
Principal operator: SMRT
MRT Station: BP6 Bukit Panjang / DT1 (Under constuction)
Berths: 3 sawtooth, 2 alighting
Bus services: 12 (SMRT)


  • Early 1980s: Bukit Panjang Ter located at BPJ circus
  • Late 1980s: Bukit Panjang Ter moved to Petir Road
  • 26 Dec 1999: Bukit Panjang Int opens
  • 17 Dec 2012: Bukit Panjang Int closes, relocated to Bukit Panjang Temp Bus Park

The old Bukit Panjang Terminal was located at Bukit Panjang Circus. This was a roundabout located at the junction of Upper Bukit Timah Road, Woodlands Road, Chua Chu Kang Road and Bukit Panjang Road. In the early 1980s, the junction was converted to a cross-type at-grade intersection.

In the late eighties, the terminal was moved to Petir Road, in front of Blk 118. The roadside terminal caused frequent congestion along the dual carriageway road until December 1999 when a permanent facility was built at the junction of Petir Road and Jebulu Road. The new site was named Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange and began operating on 26 Dec 1999. It provided connections to Bukit Panjang LRT which began service in in Nov 1999.

With plans for upgrading Bukit Panjang Int to an Integrated Transport Hub (ITH), the 13-year old interchange had to be demolished. A new bus terminal was constructed along Woodlands Road just north of Ten Mile Junction. It was named Bukit Panjang Temporary Bus Park, and was used as a layover point for buses. No passenger boarding and alighting facilities are available at the new terminal. The new bus interchange is expected to be completed in 2015, built underneath a new condominium development (Hillion Residences).

To accommodate the closure of Bukit Panjang Interchange, several route amendments were made

  • Service 75, 184, 700, 700A, 920 and 922 begin and end their trips at a pair of bus stops along Bukit Panjang Road (Blk 604 and Blk 183). The two bus stops were expanded to accommodate the additional bus traffic. In addition, Service 75 was enhanced to call at Bukit Panjang Plaza in both directions before heading to Petir Road.
  • Service 176, 975 and 971E begin and end at a new pair of bus stops along Jelebu Road, constructed outside the old interchange (Blk 180 and Opp Blk 180)
  • Service 970 starts at a new bus stop at Bukit Panjang LRT and terminates opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza.
  • Service 177 converted into a loop service, and does a clockwise loop around Bukit Panjang Road and Jebulu Road while calling at two new bus stops, one at Jebulu Road (Bukit Panjang Plaza) and the other at Petir Road (Mayspring Condo)
  • Service 180 converted into a loop service, and does an anti-clockwise loop around Petir Road and Jebulu Road while calling at two new bus stops, one at Petir Road (Bukit Panjang Station) and the other at Jebulu Road (Opp Bukit Panjang Plaza)

In addition, shortworking trips 177A and 180A were introduced that terminated at Bukit Panjang, facilitating the off-service of buses.

Feeder bus services:

A brief history:

Bukit Panjang was formerly under Singapore Bus Service (SBS) control, served by the 34x series of Feeder bus routes. They were:

  • Service 343: Bt Panjang Ter – Petir Rd End (Loop)
  • Service 344: Bt Panjang Ter – Bt Panjang Ring Rd (Loop)

These two services were handed to Trans-Island Bus Service (TIBS) on 6th Aug 1995. TIBS later introduced its own Service 345 as Bt Panjang – Saujana Rd (Loop) on 15 Feb 1998. However, on 26th Dec 1999, 344 and 345 were withdrawn following the Bukit Panjang LRT Rationalization.

TIBS later introduced a new Bukit Panjang feeder route, Service 920 on Sunday, 26 March 2000. On the same day, Service 343 was renumbered to Feeder 921 and converted to partial air-con service. This marked the transition to TIBS’ 92x series of Bukit Panjang feeder routes:

  • Service 920: Loops at Bangkit Road. Amended to Senja Rd and Senja Link in May 2005.
  • Service 921: Loops at Petir Road End, integrated with 700/700A in June 2006 and withdrawn.
  • Service 922: Loops at Bangkit Road. Introduced in Apr 2006.

Service 920 and 922 frequently experienced poor frequencies due to low demand, which were subsequently beefed up during the Bus Services Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange facilities:

  • N/A

Bukit Panjang Temporary Bus Park does not allow for boarding and alighting of passengers. The entrance of the Bus Park is located at the junction of Senja Way and Woodlands Road.

Bus Services:

Service Berth Destination Notes
Marina Centre  
Bukit Merah  
177 Bukit Batok Peak hour route
180 Boon Lay  
184 ↺ Commonwealth Avenue West  
700 Shenton Way Weekdays & Saturday morning
700A ↺ Temasek Avenue Saturday afternoon, Sundays & PHs
920 ↺ Bangkit Road Feeder route
922 ↺ Segar Road Feeder route
970 Shenton Way  
971E Cecil Street / Shenton Way AM/PM Peak unidirectional
972 ↺ Bencoolen Street Introduced after interchange closed down
975 ↺ Lim Chu Kang Road  



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  1. I lost my door card in bus 975 boarding off around 1140am at the bus stop of phonex station. Please contact us of found.

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