Eunos Bus Interchange


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Eunos Bus Interchange is located just outside Eunos MRT Station. Similar to the MRT station, it is designed with traditional Malay flavours, reflecting the Malay identity of the area.

Interior of Eunos Bus Interchange

Name: Eunos Bus Interchange | 友诺士巴士转换站
Service area: Eunos
Address: 409 Eunos Road 2, Singapore 409388
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: EW7 Eunos
Berths: 4 sawtooth
Bus services: 7 (SBST), 1 (SMRT)


Eunos Bus Terminal operated along Sims Avenue for some time before it was upgraded to a bus interchange in 1989 to link up with the newly opened Eunos MRT Station. Eunos Bus Interchange opened on Sunday, 10th Dec 1989, incorporating a Malay Minangkabau roof design to blend with the surrounding estate, and similar to that used for Eunos MRT. This adds to the Malay flavour in the region, which is close to Geylang Serai. The interchange opened with six services transferred from Eunos Bus Terminal, namely 3, 50, 84, 382, 385 and M4.

The bus interchange has a bus park with 30 layover bays underneath the elevated MRT tracks and a vehicular entrance and exit at Eunos Road 2. There are 2 alighting berths and 4 boarding berths.

Interchange facilities:

  • Interchange offices (SBST)
  • Drivers lounge
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards & Bus arrival displays
  • Service guide racks
  • Toilets

Bus Services:

Service Berth Destination Notes
60 B4 ↺ Bedok  
61 B3 Bukit Batok  
63 B3 ↺ Jalan Rumah Tinggi  
63M B3 ↺ Circuit Road  
93 B6 HarbourFront  
94 B6 ↺ Airport Road  
154 B5 Boon Lay  

Berth Allocation:

Berth Services
B1 Alighting berth
B2 Alighting berth
B3 61, 63, 63M
B4 60
B5 154
B6 93, 94





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