Hougang Central Bus Interchange


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Hougang Central Bus Interchange is located at Hougang Central and serves the town of Hougang and Buangkok. Located directly above Hougang MRT Station, it provides for nearby community amenities such as Hougang Mall, Kang Kar Mall and the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (Main office).

Hougang Central Interchange – berths B2 and B3, beside the SBS Transit office


Name: Hougang Central Bus Interchange | 后港中心巴士转换站
Service area: Hougang, Buangkok
Address: 840 Hougang Central, Singapore 538757
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: NE14 Hougang
Berths: 6 sawtooth, 4-5 alighting
Bus services: 21 (SBST)


  • 1981: Hougang Bus Interchange opens at Hougang Street 21
  • 1994: Hougang Central Bus Interchange opens, services diverted from Upper Serangoon B/T and Hougang South B/I
  • 2004: Hougang South Bus Interchange closes

Prior to Hougang Central Bus Interchange, several smaller bus interchanges existed in the area. One of which was Upper Serangoon Bus Terminal located at the tip of Upper Serangoon Road (or Upp S’goon Rd End B/T). Then, Sengkang New Town had not yet been constructed, and the terminal was situated at the end of Upper Serangoon Road. A number of bus services such as 74, 84, 136, 147 and 153 used to terminate there.

The other more well-known interchange was Hougang South Bus Interchange. Located along Hougang Street 21, it was originally known as Hougang Bus Interchange and served Hougang New Town since 1983. The compound was over 14,000 square metres and featured 34 boarding and alighting berths.

As Hougang was expanding further north, a new, permanent town center was being constructed further north at Hougang Central, together with a new bus interchange. The older Hougang Interchange at Street 21 would have to be demolished. However, the proposal was met with strong objections and this delayed closure of the old interchange. Eventually, Hougang Central Bus Interchange was constructed further north and the existing bus interchange renamed to Hougang South Bus Interchange.

Hougang Central Bus Interchange opened on Saturday, 17th December 1994. The new, spacious interchange was built at a cost of $5.7 million, featuring air-conditioned crew rest areas and a canteen. The pyramid-shaped roof thrusts were unique in design, and two skylights were incorporated into the design for more natural lighting within the interchange. One of the skylights is visible at the top portion of the image above.

Gradually, services were rerouted away from Hougang South Interchange and operation finally ceased in 2004. The end-on berths on the west side have been cleared to make way for a HDB carpark, while the sawtooth berths and parking lots at the east side still remain operational. The interchange continues to operate as a bus stop for services 112, 113 115 and 119, under the bus stop name Hougang St 21 FC.

The Interchange:

Hougang Central Bus Interchange opened on 17 December 1994. At the same time, Upper Serangoon Bus Terminal ceased operations and bus services rerouted to the new interchange. Some bus services were also rerouted from Hougang South Bus Terminal. During the construction of the North East Line, part of the interchange was closed and some bus services were rerouted to a temporary Hougang Central Bus Terminal nearby.

Feeder bus services:

Hougang South Bus Interchange housed many feeder buses which provided connections to Hougang, namely Service 321, 322, 323, 326, 327, 328 and 329.

329 would later be withdrawn and integrated with 323, and 323 was later withdrawn due to low demand. With only 321, 322, 326, 327 and 328 left in 2004, 321 and 326 were combined into a new route 113 while 322 and 327 were combined into a new route 112. 328 was renumbered to 101 and extended to Serangoon, while 112 and 113 started from Hougang Central. 325 would later be introduced from Hougang Central and remains to be the only feeder bus route from Hougang Central until 2014, where Feeder 324 was introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Scheme (BSEP) to loop at Upper Serangoon Cres.

Interchange facilities:

  • Interchange offices (SBST)
  • Transitlink Office
  • Drivers lounge
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards & Bus arrival displays
  • Service guide racks
  • Retail outlets
  • Toilets

Bus Services:

Service Berth Destination Notes
27 B3 ↺ Changi Airport  
51 B6 Jurong East  
74 B1 Buona Vista  
74e B1 Buona Vista Weekdays AM/PM Peak only
89 B2 ↺ Airport Cargo Road  
89e B2 Airport Cargo Road Weekdays AM/PM Peak only
102 B2 ↺ Jalan Kayu BSEP Service
107 B4 Shenton Way  
107M B4 ↺ Raffles Boulevard  
112 B4 ↺ Hougang Street 92  
113 B3 ↺ Upper Paya Lebar Road  
116 B5 ↺ Serangoon Central BSEP Service
132 B5 Bukit Merah  
147 B1 Clementi  
151 B6 Kent Ridge  
151e B6 Kent Ridge Weekdays AM/PM Peak only
153 B4 Bukit Merah  
161 B3 Woodlands  
165 B5 Clementi  
324 B6 ↺ Upper Serangoon Cres  BSEP Service
325 B2 ↺ Hougang Street 91  


Berth Services / Remarks
Alighting For alighting only
B1 74, 74e, 147
B2 89/89e, 102, 325
B3 27, 113, 161
North-East Line Rail Bridging Service towards Punggol
B4 107, 107M, 112, 153
North-East Line Rail Bridging Service towards HarbourFront
B5 116, 132, 165
B6 51, 151/151e, 324


Hougang Central Bus Interchange Expansion

In April 2015, LTA called for a tender to expand the existing Hougang Central Bus Interchange. A further 11 parking spaces will be added to the current 48 parking lots. This will be achieved through an expansion in space of 0.3ha from the current 1.3ha. Construction of the expansion will start in Q3 2015 after LTA has awarded the tender. The expanded concourse will allow for about 4 to 5 new bus services under BSEP.




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