Kent Ridge Bus Terminal


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Kent Ridge Bus Terminal is located in Kent Ridge, and serves the Kent Ridge Campus of the National University of Singapore, along with nearby residential apartments.

Kent Ridge Bus Terminal, April 2014


Name: Kent Ridge Bus Terminal | 肯特岗巴士终站
Service area: Kent Ridge, NUS
Address: Kent Ridge Bus Terminal, Clementi Road, Singapore 884005
MRT Station: –
Berths: One bus stop for boarding/alighting
Bus services: 7 (SBST), 2 (NUS)


Kent Ridge Bus Terminal was built in 1981 to replace the former roadside Pasir Panjang Road Bus Terminal at the junction of Pasir Panjang Road and Clementi Road in the seventies. The location was strategically located near the then-newly built Kent Ridge Campus for the National University of Singapore (NUS), next to the Eusoff student residential hall and opposite the Varsity Park condominium.

The bus terminal consists of a bus park and drivers rest area, with a SBS Transit interchange office and toilets. A single bus stop serves as a passenger boarding and alighting point. When Kent Vale Bus Terminal was demolished to make way for a new residential complex for NUS, NUS Internal Shuttle Bus routes B and C were relocated to start from Kent Ridge Terminal, but does not pick up or alight passengers there. Route BTC1/BTC2 also uses the terminal as a layover point. An electronic driver’s log-in kiosk from ComfortDelGro Bus (the NUS shuttle bus operator) is also available. Routes B and C was amended to start and terminate at Kent Ridge Bus Terminal (for shuttle passengers) from Aug 2015 as part of the shuttle transport improvements proposed by the NUS Student Union.

During PM Peak hours, buses from Fast-Forward 30e would layover here before starting their trips at Pasir Panjang. This practice was abandoned as the terminal got crowded during peak hours, and 30e buses now layover along Pasir Panjang Road just after the junction of Clementi Road. Shortworking trip 96B buses still use the terminal before commencing their trips from NUS to Clementi.

Despite sharing the Kent Ridge naming with Kent Ridge MRT Station, the two public transport facilities are located far apart and do not connect with each other.

Recent Improvements:

In 2013/2014, NUS had refurbished the sheltered pedestrian linkway between Kent Ridge Terminal and the new Ventus building opposite the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, along with the NUS Internal Shuttle Bus stop. A separate linkway connects to the overhead bridge serving a pair of bus stops along Clementi Road (16131 Opp Kent Ridge Ter and 16139 Bef Kent Ridge Ter)

Bus services list:

Service Destination Notes
10 Tampines  
33 Bedok  
95 ↺ Holland Road  
151 Hougang Central  
151e Hougang Central AM/PM Peak unidirectional
200 Buona Vista Looping point
201 ↺ Teban Gardens Road  
NUS B ↺ Computing Dr NUS Internal Shuttle Bus
From 1 Aug 2015
NUS C ↺ Lower Kent Ridge Rd NUS Internal Shuttle Bus
From 1 Aug 2015



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