Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal


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Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal is located in St. Michael’s Estate and serves the residents living in that area. Despite its name, it is not located at St. Michael’s Road, but along Whampoa Road.

St. Michael’s Terminal in May 2014, as seen from Blk 77. Upgrading works are under way and expected for completion by Q2 2014. A new annex block is being built (under construction, right side of picture) on part of the existing bus park.


Name: Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal | 圣迈克巴士终站
Service area: St. Michael’s Estate
Address: St. Michael Bus Terminal, Whampoa Road, Singapore 884012
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: –
Berths: >5
Bus services: 5 (SBST)


Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal was constructed in the early 1980s to serve St. Michael’s Estate. The 12_ series of bus routes used to serve this terminal, with the exception of 121:

  • Service 120: St. Michael’s ↺ Beach Road
  • Service 122: St. Michael’s ↔ Buona Vista / Bukit Batok
  • Service 123: St. Michael’s ↔ New Bridge Road
  • Service 124: St. Michael’s ↔ New Bridge Road
  • Service 125: St. Michael’s ↔ Bukit Merah / Shenton Way
  • Service 126: St. Michael’s ↺ New Bridge Road

Today, only Service 124 and 125 remain service St. Michael’s, and have been amended to different destinations. The remaining were withdrawn and the route numbers re-used for later routes.

In the 1970s, two City Shuttle Service routes were introduced, route 3 and route 7, later renamed to CSS 603 and 607. Both were withdrawn in 2003. SBS Transit took over the bus terminal in 2003.

The terminal:

St. Michael’s Terminal has a single entrance and exit along Whampoa Road, and all berths are end-on berths. In the early 2010s, the berths were renovated with ramps for the convenience of wheelchair-bound passengers.

Bus services:

Service Destination Notes
21 Pasir Ris  
124 HarbourFront  
125 ↺ Sims Drive  
131 Bukit Merah  
186 Shenton Way  

Berth Allocation:

Berth Services
A1 21
A2 124
A3 125
A4 131
A5 186




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