Sembawang Bus Interchange


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Sembawang Bus Interchange is a bus interchange located in Sembawang. It serves the town of Sembawang and connects to Sembawang MRT Station and Sun Plaza Shopping Mall.


Name: Sembawang Bus Interchange | 三巴旺巴士转换站
Service area: Sembawang, Senoko
Address: 11A Sembawang Vista, Singapore 757527
Principal operator: SMRT
MRT Station: NS11 Sembawang
Berths: 3 sawtooth, ~4 alighting
Bus services: 7 (SMRT) & 1 (SBST)


In the past, bus services terminated at scattered parts of Sembawang, each with its own small bus terminal. One such terminal, Admiralty Road West Bus Terminal, was located at the junction of Admiralty Road West and Canberra Road, and catered for the workers at Sembawang Shipyard. Another was Sembawang Road End Bus Terminal, was located at the end of Sembawang Road where Sembawang Park is today.

When Sembawang Bus Interchange opened, Service 980 and 167 was shortened from Admiralty Road West and Sembawang Road End respectively to serve the new interchange, and the two bus termini were closed. Service 882 was introduced to cover the deleted sector to Sembawang Road End, and the existing Service 856 covered Sembawang Road End. Service 981 was amended to start and terminate from this interchange.

Bus Services:

Service Berth Destination Notes
117 B3 Punggol BSEP Service
From 20 Dec 2015
167 B1A Bukit Merah  
859 B2 Yishun  
859A B2 ↺ Admiralty Link BSEP Supplementary Route
859B B2 ↺ Admiralty Link BSEP Supplementary Route
882 B1A ↺ Sembawang Road  
980 B1B Geylang Lorong 1  
981 B1B Senoko Loop Weekdays AM/PM Peak unidirectional


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9 thoughts on “Sembawang Bus Interchange

  1. Hi,regarding about the sembawang bus interchange the Bus services: 5 (SMRT) is wrong it should be Bus services: 7 (SMRT) I hope you would change it.

  2. Please improve the timing in the morning between 730am -830am.ur current timing is very bad always took 13-15mins!. Please make it 5-7mins specially the 859B bus

  3. This is terrible for 962 bus just now at 8:1, 3 BUS came in convoy. I am about 80meters from the bus stop so I missed all 3 of them altogether! What kind if timing are they given is this the norm? Its not the first time i encounter this.

    • To be detail for new bus service 117, it starts commencing it’s service on 07:30, 20 December 2015 first bus service from Sembawang to Punggol. This service will get out of the interchange and turn right onto Sembawang Vista then to Sembawang Way where the MRT locate at. Then, it will pass by Canberra Link and to Yishun Avenue 2 passing by Yishun and Khatib MRT Station. It will then turn left to Yishun Avenue 1 then pass by Yishun Country Club then turn right to Seletar Aerospace Park then turn one big round around the park then turn right to Punggol Road. Then to the interchange.

  4. Please please the waiting time for bus service 980 is really worse!!! I need to wait about 20 miins for the bus n the bus arrival time indicate 6 mins!?!?!
    Please enhance the timing for the bus n more bus for 980 ..

  5. I am very apologetic to SBS SVC 117 which I took from Punggol bus interchange @5.38pm this afternoon. I have dropped a container of shark fin soup on to the floor of the bus but could no do much to clear the leftover. I hoped Mr Driver will forgive me and not telling sorry to him a and left hurry from the bus.. I am very sorry

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