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Yishun Bus Interchange is located in Yishun Town Center. The existing bus interchange connects to Yishun MRT Station and is expected to be demolished in 2015 to make way for a new integrated development by 2017. In the meantime, the bus interchange connects to Northpoint Shopping Center and Yishun MRT Station. The last day of operations of this interchange will be on 13 March 2015, following which all operations will be transferred to Yishun Temporary Interchange from 14 Mar 2015.

Yishun Interchange concourse in its final weeks

Name: Yishun Bus Interchange | 义顺巴士转换站
Service area: Yishun, Khatib
Address: 922 Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore 769095
Principal operator: SMRT
MRT Station: NS13 Yishun
Berths: 7 sawtooth, 18 end-on, 2-4 alighting
Bus services: 17 (SMRT), 2 (SBST), 1 (AC), 2 (Bus Plus)


Before the construction of the Yishun Bus Interchange, Yishun had two roadside bus termini; one at Yishun Avenue 5 and the other at Yishun Central. The former handled feeder services like 800 and 801, while trunk routes 850 and 851 called at the Yishun Central Terminal. In the 1980s, the rising development of Yishun New Town called for a more permanent facility for buses. HDB, who was in-charge of public works, designed and built a permanent facility between Yishun Avenue 2 and Yishun Central 1. The interchange opened in 1987 with five trunk and four feeder bus services, gradually expanding to the 19 bus services today.

In 2003, SBS introduced Service 39 to Yishun, followed by 85 in 2006. In December 2010, private operator Advance Coaches introduces AC7, a cross border bus route to Kotaraya II.

The last day of operations of Yishun Bus Interchange would be on 13 March 2015, following which the Yishun Temporary Interchange would be opened to replace the old one. Yishun Bus Interchange is  to be demolished and replaced by an air-conditioned Integrated Public Transport Hub, Northpoint City, housing a shopping mall, offices and residential developments by 2017.

Feeder bus routes:

  • Service 800: Looped at Yishun Avenue 5, extended to loop at Yishun Street 71 in 1992.
  • Service 801: Looped at Yishun Avenue 7, merged with 805 in 1996 to form Intratown 811.
  • Service 802: Looped at Yishun Avenue 3, merged with 803 in 1996 to form Intratown 812.
  • Service 803: Looped at Yishun Street 61, merged with 802 in 1996 to form Intratown 812. Reintroduced in 2014 under the BSEP scheme.
  • Service 804: Looped at Yishun Avenue 11, amended to Yishun Street 11 in 2004.
  • Service 804A (1stGen): Peak hour route introduced in 1994, renumbered in 1998 to 806
  • Service 804A (2ndGen): Introduced in 2003 to Yishun Ring Road (bef Street 41), withdrawn in 2004 when 804 extended to Yishun Street 41.
  • Service 805: Looped at Yishun Avenue 81, merged with 801 to form Intratown 811.
  • Service 806: Re-numbered from 804A in 1998, eventually extended to a full-day service.
  • Service 811: Intratown service looping at Yishun Avenue 5 and Street 83
  • Service 812: Intratown service looping at Yishun Avenue 3 and Street 61

Interchange facilities:

  • Interchange offices (SMRT)
  • Drivers lounge
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards
  • Bus arrival displays
  • Service guide racks
  • Retail outlets
  • Toilets

Yishun Interchange has one entrance along Yishun Avenue 2. There are three exits, two along Yishun Avenue 2 and one at Yishun Central. Bus Services list:

Service Berth Destination Notes
39 Tampines  
85 Punggol  
171 Marina Centre  
800 ↺ Sembawang Road  
803 ↺ Yishun Street 31 BSEP
804 ↺ Yishun Street 41  
806 ↺ Yishun Ring Road  
811/E ↺ Yishun Avenue 2  
↺ Yishun Avenue 1  
812/E ↺ Yishun Avenue 4  
↺ Yishun Avenue 3  
851 Bukit Merah  
852 Bukit Batok  
853/ 853C Geylang Lorong 1 Weekdays & Saturdays
Upper East Coast Sundays/PH
854 Bedok  
854E Bedok Weekdays AM Peak
855 HarbourFront  
856 Woodlands  
857 ↺ Temasek Avenue  
859 Sembawang  
860 ↺ Yishun Avenue 3 BSEP
AC7 JB CIQ Cross-border route
KTPH Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Shuttle service

Berth Allocation: Yishun Bus Interchange has 24 end-on berths (A-suffixed) and 9 sawtooth berths (B-suffixed). SMRT recently re-numbered their berths (as shown in the New Berth column), which excludes two berths near the interchange canteen that are currently unused.

Old Berth New Berth Services
A1 – A3 Not numbered WAB Alighting Extra lots / Driver training use
A4 – A7 A1 – A4 North-South Line Breakdown Shuttle (towards Marina South Pier via Dhoby Ghaut)
A8 – A11 A5 – A8 857
A12 – A14 A9 – A11 855
A15 – A17 A12 – A14 852
A18 – A19 A15 – A16 39
A20 – A21 A17 – A18 85
A22 – A24 A19 – A21 WAB Boarding
Berth Services
B1 Alighting berth
B2 Alighting berth
B3 Alighting berth 811 (Yishun Ave 2) 853
B4 803, 860 WAB Boarding North-South Line Breakdown Shuttle (towards Jurong East via Woodlands)
B5 171, 812 (Yishun Ave 4), AC7
B6 812 (Yishun Ave 3), 851, KTPH Shuttle
B7 811 (Yishun Ave 1), 854, 854E
B8 800, 856, 859
B9 804, 806

Busplus runs a free shuttle service between Yishun and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Passengers are discouraged from using the shuttle bus if they are not visiting relatives at the hospital.

Last Day of Operations

Early tomorrow morning, an SMRT bus plying intratown Service 812 (S/812) will be the last bus to use Yishun Bus Interchange before operations move across the road to Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange.
To catch this last bus, join the queue for S/812 at Berth 5 at Yishun Bus Interchange at 12:45am (14 Mar’15) as this bus will leave the interchange for the last time about 10 minutes later. The intratown journey should take around 30 minutes.
Upon S/812’s arrival back at Yishun Bus Interchange, this trip will close the chapter on some 28 years of bus operations at the present interchange.
To mark this milestone, SMRT Buses will present a special keepsake to passengers upon their arrival to commemorate the journey as S/812 will be the last of many buses to have used Yishun Bus Interchange.

SMRT Facebook, 13 March 2015

Now you can own your own Yishun last bus certificate! (Click for larger image)

Yishun last bus certificate

Certificates and bus bookmarks were given out for this special last trip, which was driven by SMRT’s Chief Bus Captain Mr Ho Ai Hock using a Mercedes-Benz O405G Hispano Habit, TIB1218R. SMRT Buses Vice President, Mr. Tan Kian Heong, was present at the event. After its arrival at Yishun Interchange, it was driven to the new Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange.

Barricades were put up to block pedestrian and vehicle traffic from all entrances after the last bus.



Interchange concourse with sawtooth berths

Interchange concourse with end-on berths

Interchange concourse

Ticket office and canteen on far right

Alighting berths

Interchange office

Yishun Interchange in earlier days

Yishun Feeder Map, retrieved from SMRT Bus and Train Services Guide

Yishun Feeder Map, retrieved from SMRT Bus and Train Services Guide

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  1. Query for stall leasing in the newly temporary interchange opening in 14th march 2015.
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    • Hi Erik,

      The stall leasing tender for the Temporary Interchange was put up a couple of months ago and is closed some time back.

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