Marina South Pier Bus Terminal

Marina South Pier Bus Terminal is located along Marina Coastal Drive, next to Marina South Pier. It’s short-lived existence catered to the then-newly built Marina South Pier.


Name: Marina South Pier Bus Terminal | 滨海南码头巴士总站
Service area: Marina South Pier
Address: –
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: –
Berths: One bus stop
Bus services: 1 (SBST)


Marina South Pier Bus Terminal commenced operations in 2006 as a single bus stop that services the newly built Marina South Pier. Service 402 was introduced from the terminal to loop at Shenton Way, serving Anson Road and Marina Bay MRT station. When 402 was amended to start from Shenton Way Terminal in Nov 2011, the terminal became a looping point for 402.

Later in May 2012, 402 was extended to International Cruise Center and the terminal became an en-route stop in both directions. 402 used red and while plates to differentiate between the direction of travel.

In Apr 2013, the existing terminal was cleared and replaced by a pair of bus stops along Marina Coastal Drive. The only existing bus service 402 was rerouted to start from Shenton Way Terminal.

Bus Services:

Service Destination Notes
402 Shenton Way (Loop) No longer stops here


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