Rumah Tinggi Bus Terminal


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Rumah Tinggi Bus Terminal is located in the Rumah Tinggi Estate at Redhill. It was a former bus terminal until it was downgraded to a looping point.

Bus park at Rumah Tinggi Terminal with two bays


Name: Rumah Tinggi Estate | 努玛吉丁宜巴士终站
Service area: Rumah Tinggi Estate
Address: –
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: –
Berths: Alighting area and boarding bus stop
Bus services: 1 (SBST)


Rumah Tinggi Bus Terminal was built in the 1980s to serve the estates of Redhill. Situated in front of Block 37 of Jalan Rumah Tinggi, the bus terminal was abolished in the early 2000s after Service 63 was merged with Service 382 to loop at Jalan Rumah Tinggi.

Today, the bus terminal has been converted into an open carpark. Two parking lots for buses remain for Service 63 buses, situated beside a rubbish collection point. The bus stop outside Block 38 retains the name “Rumah Tinggi Terminal”

Bus Services:

Service Destination Notes
63 Eunos Looping Point




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