Sims Place Bus Terminal


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Sims Place Bus Terminal is a roadside terminal located along Sims Place, and serves the surrounding neighbourhood. Only one bus service, Service 64, uses the terminal as of Feb 2016.


Name: Sims Place Bus Terminal | 沈氏坊巴士终站
Service area: Sims Place Estates
Address: Sims Place Bus Terminal, Sims Place, Singapore 884009
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: EW9 Aljunied
Berths: One bus stop
Bus services: 1 (SBST)


Sims Place Bus Terminal is a roadside terminal dating back to the 1970s era where roadside terminals were common. Together with Ghim Moh Terminal and the new Taman Jurong Terminal, these three terminals are the only remaining roadside bus terminals in Singapore. Services 20, 94 and 198 used to call at this terminal, but only Service 64 remains operating today.

Service Destination Notes
64 ↺ Mei Ling Street  




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3 thoughts on “Sims Place Bus Terminal

    • Carl, Service 20 is currently a service between Tampines and Changi Business Park Central 2. It doest not terminate at Sims Place Terminal. Therefore, making 64 the only service

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