Tampines Townlink and Feeder services

Tampines New Town is served by two Townlink and one Feeder bus services which operate out of Tampines Bus Interchange.

Tampines Interchange has housed seven townlink/feeder services:

  • Service 290: Looped at Simei Estate, later extended to Simei Street 4. Merged with 220 to form Service 38 in 2002.
  • Service 291: Looped at Tampines Street 32. Merged with Service 295 in 1996 and gained Townlink status.
  • Service 292: Looped at Tampines Street 22. First feeder service in Tampines.
  • Service 293: Looped at Tampines Street 81. Merged with Service 297 in 1996 and gained Townlink status.
  • Service 294: Looped at Tampines Street 21. Merged with Service 357 to form Service 3 in 2002.
  • Service 295: Looped at Tampines Avenue 8. Merged with Service 291.
  • Service 297: Looped at Tampines Street 42, later extended to Street 45. Merged with Service 293.

Today, only services 291, 292 and 293 remain. All routes are controlled by Changi Bus Park (CGBP).

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One thought on “Tampines Townlink and Feeder services

  1. bus 291 @ 76421 7 mins ago . 2 double deck came together. 2nd one empty. now bus stop filling up but no bus. why??? this is repeatedly the case! been staying here 15 years n it never change!

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