Bulim Bus Depot


Bulim Bus Depot is a bus depot along Bulim Avenue and Jurong West Avenue 2. Completed in mid-2015, it was subsequently handed over to Tower Transit Singapore since 31 Jul 2015 under the Government Contracting Model, as the successful tenderer of the Bulim Bus Package.

^ Bulim Depot as seen from Bulim Avenue

General Information
Name Bulim Bus Depot
Address TBC
Depot Information
Operator SMRT Buses
Tower Transit (from 31 Jul 2015)
GCM Route Package Bulim Bus Package
Type Main bus depot
Abbreviation BUDEP (SMRT)
Catchment Boon Lay, Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang

Bulim Bus Depot was the first depot that LTA developed and funded, in contrast to previous bus depots which were the assets of bus operators. As part of the review of the enhanced structural assistance that Government is providing the bus industry announced in Committee of Supply (COS) 2012, new bus depots would be constructed with government funds to accommodate additional buses that are being introduced over the years, as the overall bus capacity increases under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

Contract RD258 for the design and construction of Bulim Depot was awarded to KTC Civil Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd at S$87.5 million. The depot is designed to park and maintain 550 buses.

Operational History:

Whilst the main building of Bulim Depot was still under construction, the completed bus park of Bulim Depot was opened on 17 August 2014 for overnight parking of SMRT buses, making SMRT Buses Ltd the first operator to occupy Bulim Depot. The bus park relieved overcrowding at Kranji Depot and the extensive use of overnight parking at its interchanges. However, SMRT buses based at Bulim have their maintenance and refueling carried out at Kranji Depot. A regular employee shuttle service to Bukit Batok Interchange (and limited departures from Choa Chu Kang) brought about increased accessibility for SMRT staff. The depot exit was converted to a two-way access road leading from Bulim Ave to the bus park within the depot.

The completed bus depot was handed over to new bus operator Tower Transit Singapore on 31 Jul 2015, who was awarded the tender for operating the Bulim Bus Package. As part of the transitioning into the Government Contracting Model, the early handover allows sufficient time for the Operator to build up its resources, such as recruitment and training of bus captains and technicians, for a smooth transition before the implementation of the first tranche of bus services.

  • Aug 2014 – 30 Jul 2015: SMRT Buses Ltd
  • 31 Jul 2015 onwards: Tower Transit


Government Contracting Model (GCM)

Under the GCM, Bulim Bus Depot will be bundled together with 26 bus routes as part of the Bulim Bus Package. These routes would operate mainly from Bukit Batok, Clementi and Jurong East Bus Interchanges, with the Depot handling the operations of all buses operating on these routes.

The Depot will take in an initial number of 367 buses comprising of 188 double-decker buses and 179 single-decker buses (leased to the successful tenderer) in 2016, before growing to about 500 buses in 2021, in tandem with expected ridership growth and the development of Bukit Batok West and Tengah New Town.

Allocated bus services are:

Service Destination 1 Destination 2 Type Description
41 Jurong East ↺ Jln Anak Bukit Trunk
49 Jurong East ↺ Jur West St 42 Trunk
66 Jurong East Bedok Trunk
77 Bukit Batok Marina Centre Trunk
78 Jurong East ↺ Clementi Ave 3 Trunk
79 Jurong East ↺ Boon Lay Int Trunk
96 Clementi ↺ Kent Ridge Cres Trunk
97 Jurong East Marina Centre Trunk
97e Jurong East Marina Centre Peak Hour
98 Jurong East ↺ Jurong Pier Way Trunk
106 Bukit Batok Shenton Way Trunk
143 Jurong East Toa Payoh Trunk
173 Bukit Batok ↺ Clementi Trunk
177 Bukit Batok ↺ Jelebu Rd Peak Hour
183 Jurong East ↺ Science Park Rd Trunk
189 Bukit Batok ↺ Clementi Ave 1 Trunk
282 Clementi ↺ Clementi W St 2 Feeder
284 Clementi ↺ Clementi Ave 4 Feeder
285 Clementi ↺ Pandan Loop Feeder
333 Jurong East ↺ Jur East St 32 Feeder
334 Jurong East ↺ Jur West St 42 Feeder
335 Jurong East ↺ Jur West Ave 1 Feeder
941 Bukit Batok ↺ BBT West Ave 8 Feeder
945 Bukit Batok ↺ BBT West Ave 4 Feeder
947 Bukit Batok ↺ BBT Rd Feeder
990 Bukit Batok ↺ Jurong E Central Trunk


Bulim Bus Depot Open House

Tower Transit conducted an Open House for the Bulim Depot on Sunday 6 December 2015, showcasing the facilities at Bulim Bus Depot.

Read our main article on the Open House, A Bulim Bus Carnival Day.



Side view of Bulim Depot

Rear exit of depot, converted to two-way road for access to SMRT’s bus park

Rear entrance with construction barriers removed

Courtesy of SMRT’s Facebook page:

Articulated bus parking

Articulated bus parking

Rigid bus parking

Rigid bus parking

Artist’s Impression:

Artist's Impression, image from KTC group

Image from KTC group

Image from KTC group

Image from KTC group


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One thought on “Bulim Bus Depot

  1. What will happen to SMRT buses when a new operator comes in? Will they still remain or have to carry out overnight parking or back to KJDEP?

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