Sunlong SLK6121UF14H


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Sunlong SLK6121UF14H

SBS Transit Sunlong Hybrid

Other names Sunlong
Manafacturer Sunglong Bus
Bodywork Sunlong Integral Body
Year 2010-
Local Operators SBS Transit
Technical Data
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Entry Low Entry
Engine Dongfeng Cummins ISDe230-41
Gearbox Eaton UltraShift F0-6406A-ASW
Emission Standard Euro V (EGR + Parallel Hybrid system)

The Sunlong SLK6121UF14H is a rear-engined single-decker hybrid bus built by Sunlong Bus in China. The chassis is derived from the SLK6111 line of urban city buses, with the addition of a hybrid drive system.

SBS Transit acquired two units in 2010 for demonstration purposes. They were laid up after their one-year trial period and sold to other operators.

Technical Information:

The bus relies on a parallel hybrid system, running on both diesel and electricity, which achieves up to 30% fuel savings. By using electricity to power the bus during periods of high energy demand, less strain is put on the combustion engine, hence lowering fuel consumption and emissions.

Electricity is generated during cruising and regenerative braking, and stored in four Lithium-ion batteries. The energy in the batteries is released to assist the engine in powering the vehicle. Hence, the engine is less strained while accelerating or going up hills, reducing fuel consumption.

The bus uses a parallel hybrid system that is developed by Eaton Corporation of the United States, where a motor/generator is used to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa.

SBS / SBS Transit:

Two Sunlong SLK6121UF14H buses were brought in by ComfortDelGro Engineering, in collaboration with Shanghai Sunlong Bus Company and Gemilang Coachworks of Malaysia. They were both registered on 17 Jul 2010 as SBS8000Z and SBS8001X, SBS Transit’s first ever China-made buses and hybrid-electric buses.

General Specifications:

  • Dongfeng Cummins ISDe230-41 diesel engine
    Rear-mounted, 6700 cc, 230bhp
  • 44kW electric motor with four Li-Ion batteries for additional power
  • Euro-V compliant
    Parallel-hybrid drive system in addition to Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Technology.
  • Eaton UltraShift F0-6406A-ASW gearbox
    Six-speed automatic transmission, integrated with drivetrain
  • Sunlong Integral bodywork
    Bus assembled by Gemilang Coachworks
  • Carrier-Sutrak Transicold roof-mounted air-conditioning
  • Hanover Electronic Display Signage (EDS)
    Orange LED matrix design

The bus was launched on 20 Jul 2010 at Comfort Delgro headquarters within Braddell Bus Park. Both units began revenue service on 8 Aug 2010, serving the suburban route 185 between Soon Lee Depot and Buona Vista, where they spent most of their trial period.

Trial Period:

The year-long trial period saw both buses running on Services 185, 334 and Express 502 and 502A.

Operating on the PCG/CDMC shuttleRetirement:

Following the end of their trial in early 2012, both buses were deregistered and returned to ComfortDelgro Engineering.

One unit (presumably SBS8000Z) was sold to private operator Republic Express and registered as PC2677D. It currently bears a white and brown livery.

The bus is often sighted plying a shuttle service between HarbourFront Interchange and PCG/CDMC (Police Coast Guard / Civil Defence Marine Command) at Pulau Brani. It has also been sighted on the Tanah Merah MRT – Changi Airbase (East) shuttle, and the Marina Square Lunch Time shuttle service.

Another unit was sold to Dnata to be used as an apron bus, operating within the airside areas of Changi Airport.


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