Scania K310UD

Scania K310UD

SBST Scania K310UD (SBS7888K)

Other names KUD, K310
Manufacturer Scania AB
Bodywork Gemilang Coachworks
Year 2008–
Local Operators SBS Transit
Technical Data
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Entry Low Entry
Engine Scania DC9 18 310
Gearbox ZF 6HP602CN
Emission Standard Euro V (EGR)


The Scania K310UD (K-Series 310-bhp Urban Double-deck) is a low-entry wheelchair-accessible double-decker transit bus built by Scania AB. Commonly referred to as the “KUD”, the chassis is manufactured in Europe, and the bodywork supplied by Gemilang Coachworks of Malaysia.

Currently, Singapore’s major bus operator, SBS Transit, is the only operator of Scania K310UDs in Singapore, with a single demonstrator unit to date.

Technical Information:

The Scania K-series is the successor of the Scania L-series and the Scania 4-series. Variants of this chassis can be used as coaches, intercity buses, or urban buses. These include the KUA (Urban Articulated), KUB (3-axle Urban Single deck), KUD (3-axle Urban Double deck), KIB (Intercity Bus) and the KEB (high-end coach). Engine options cover a range of horsepower ratings, from the lowest of 230hp, to the most powerful of 470hp. The full range of engine options is never offered for a particular chassis; for example, the 230hp engine is only available for the KUB chassis.

Unique features of the Scania K-series is the longitudinally, straight-up mounted, inline-cylinder engine located at the rear. The K-series is available with the 9-litre 5-cylinder engine or the 12-litre 6-cylinder engine. Both use Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) technology to achieve the Euro IV rating. Euro V-rated engines feature both a larger bore and a longer stroke.

SBS Transit K310UD demonstrator (SBS7888K)

Following the successful large intake of the Scania K230UB, SBS Transit acquired a Scania K310UD for demonstration purposes. It was registered as SBS7888K on 26 Mar 2010, during which the Euro V Batch 2 Scania K230UBs were being registered.

Basic Specifications:

  • Scania DC9 18 310 engine
    Inline 5-cylinder turbocharged, 8.867 litres, 310bhp
  • Euro-V compliant
    Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) technology, doing away with the need for diesel exhaust fluids.
  • ZF Ecomat 6HP602CN gearbox
    Six-speed automatic.
  • Gemilang Coachworks Bodywork
    Custom bodywork designed, built and assembled by Gemilang Coachworks of Malaysia, who also supplied body kits for the Scania K230UBs.
  • Hanover Electronic Display Signages (EDS)
    Orange LED matrix design
  • Carrier air-conditioning unit

The bodywork installed on SBS7888K was the first double-deck bodywork developed by Gemilang Coachworks. The bus was a ‘free gift’ to SBS Transit, paid for by Scania AB after the large number of orders for the Scania K230UB, unlike other demonstrators who are brought in for a trail period only. Similar to the K230UBs, the K310UD is a low-entry bus equipped with one wheelchair bay and a manual ramp. The bus debuted on Service 133M, later transferred to Service 133 and is now a common sight on Service 25.

Additional Specifications:

SBS7888K has a licensed capacity of 132 passengers, inclusive of 55 upper deck seating, 28 lower deck seating, 49 passengers and one wheelchair.


Gallery: (click for larger image)

SBST Scania K310UD

SBS7888K - Service 70

SBS7888K – Service 70

SBS7888K - Service 70M

SBS7888K – Service 70M



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