SBS Transit Midnight F1 Service EW1


From 2016, the special ad-hoc bus service will no longer be operated as part of the Full Transition to the Bus Contracting Model. The last day of operation for this service was on 20 Sep 2015.

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SBS Transit Midnight F1 Service EW1 is a special midnight service operating from Pasir Ris Interchange. The ad-hoc route compliments the extension of train operating hours during the F1 period, serving the bus interchange with connections to the surrounding housing estates.

Route Information
Route Pasir Ris Bus Interchange ↺ Pasir Ris Street 11
Passes Through Pasir Ris St 52, St 51, St 21, St 41
Route Length 6.8km
Operator Information
Current Operator SBS Transit
Current Fleet 2 Single-deck buses
Departure Times from T1 (2015)
After midnight:
18 Sep:
0140hrs, 0210hrs

19 – 20 Sep: 0130hrs, 0150hrs
Frequency Loop Service
0630-0830: —
0831-1659: —
1700-1930: —
After 1930: 20 – 30 mins


2008 (26 Apr): Introduced as Pasir Ris Int – Pasir Ris Street 11 (Loop)

Service EW1 serves residents of Pasir Ris with bus connections from Pasir Ris Int to surrounding housing estates after feeder buses have ceased to operate. The ad-hoc route operates only during Formula 1 period, complimenting the extension of train operating hours. Exact operating dates will be released by SBS Transit closer to the date of operation, which is usually the Friday, Saturday and Sunday during which the race takes place.

This service duplicates sectors of Service 3, 15, 358 (East Loop) & 359 (East Loop) in Pasir Ris.

As this service is ad-hoc, bus stops that service serves do not have the operating details printed on the bus service information board or its service number placed on the bus stop pole. Instead, a temporary poster is put up on the bus stops this service serves.

The route will operate in addition to Nite Owl 4N and NightRider NR7, both of which operate on Friday and Saturday nights.

Operating Dates:

Year Operating Dates Departure Times:
2008 26 – 28 Sep 0115hrs, 0145hrs, 0215hrs
2009 25 – 27 Sep 0115hrs, 0145hrs, 0215hrs
2010 24 – 26 Sep 0135hrs, 0205hrs
2011 23 – 25 Sep Fri & Sun: 0125hrs, 0140hrs
Sat: 0140hrs, 0155hrs
2012 21 – 23 Sep 0130hrs, 0145hrs
2013 20 – 22 Sep 0130hrs, 0150hrs
2014 19 – 21 Sep Fri: 0140hrs, 0210hrs
Sat & Sun: 0130hrs, 0150hrs
2015 18 – 20 Sep Fri: 0140hrs, 0210hrs
Sat & Sun: 0130hrs, 0150hrs

Fare: Charges a flat fare of $1.50 per passenger, regardless of mode of payment (cash/card). Concessionary travel is not applicable.

Fleet: Uses any available bus from the depot.

Route Information:

Loop Service

Operator History:

2008 – Present: SBS Transit Ltd


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