Joo Koon Bus Interchange


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Joo Koon Bus Interchange is an Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) within the Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore. The interchange was built as an integrated development with Fairprice Hub, providing transport connections with the adjacent Joo Koon MRT Station. It was completed in end-2014, and opened on 21 November 2015.

For more details, check out our comprehensive Guide to Bus Service Amendments for the Joo Koon Bus Interchange launch.

^ Joo Koon Bus Interchange


Name: Joo Koon Bus Interchange | 裕群巴士转换站
Service area: Jurong West, Pioneer, Tuas
Address: 55 Benoi Road, Singapore 629907
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: EW29 Joo Koon
Berths: 3 Boarding Berths
Bus services: 8 (SBST)


Joo Koon Bus Interchange was built to complement the extension of the East-West Line to Joo Koon, and brings about better transport connectivity to the Jurong West industrial areas around Tuas and Pioneer.

Prior to the opening of the interchange, the Tuas and Pioneer industrial areas were primarily served by Boon Lay Bus Interchange, the nearest major transport hub offering connections to the rail network and many other bus services. A number of long-distance bus routes connected the industrial areas to Boon Lay. Not only were these services inefficient by duplicating each other partially, their long routings increase travel time and require more buses to be deployed, increasing the strain on resources especially during the peak hours.

As the East-West line extended to Joo Koon, a new bus interchange was conceived to relocate the major transport hub for industrial bus services from Boon Lay to Joo Koon. This would be further complemented by the future line extension to Tuas Link, where a newly constructed Tuas Bus Interchange would be able to better serve industries in the Tuas and Tuas South areas.

The Interchange:

Joo Koon Bus Interchange is located on the ground floor of the 16-storey FairPrice Hub, a S$350 million facility scheduled for launch in December 2014. The development also houses a distribution centre for the FairPrice chain of supermarkets.

There are 2 entrances and 1 exit for buses to Joo Koon Bus Interchange. From Benoi Road, buses can only enter the interchange while buses can both enter and exit the interchange from Joo Koon Circle. There are at least 18 parking bays in the bus interchange.

The project was titled: Proposed Erection Of A 16-Storey Single-User Warehouse Development Comprising Of A 9-storey Warehouse With Automatic Storage Retrieval System, Ancillary Office, Bus Interchange And Commercial Uses MK7 On Lot 1473M Pt & 03821N Pt At Benoi Road & Joo Koon Circle (Pioneer Planning Area).

Joo Koon Bus Interchange Launch:

Prior to the official opening, new Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses for Soon Lee Bus Park were utilising the bus parking lots of Joo Koon Int.

The transfer and amendment of bus services for Joo Koon Int from Boon Lay Int will take place in three phases:

Phase 1: 21 Nov 2015

  • Launch of new Service 258 from Boon Lay to Joo Koon via Jurong West St 64/75/82/81/71/61/63 & Upp Jurong Road
  • Extension of Service 99 to Joo Koon via Jurong West St 93, Upp Jurong Rd

Phase 2: 28 Nov 2015

  • Launch of new Service 256 from Joo Koon to Boon Lay via Jln Ahmad Ibrahim, Pioneer Rd North, Jurong West St 63/61/62
  • Relocation of Services 182, 182M & 257 to Joo Koon Int from Boon Lay Int
  • Amendment of Services 192 & 193 to ply outside Joo Koon Int along Benoi Rd

Phase 3: 12 Dec 2015

  • Launch of new Service 253 from Joo Koon to Benoi Rd (Loop) via Benoi Sector & Pioneer Rd
  • Relocation of Services 254 & 255 to Joo Koon Int from Boon Lay Int
  • Amendment of Services 194 (extended to Pioneer Circus) and Service 251 (amended to Boon Lay Way & Pioneer Rd North)

For more details, view our Guide to Bus Service Amendments for the Joo Koon Bus Interchange launch.

JKN Bus Network

Joo Koon Interchange route network

Interchange facilities:

  • 2 Interchange offices
  • Drivers lounge / Briefing Room
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards
  • Bus arrival displays
  • 12 Retail outlets
  • Toilets

Bus services:

More details will be updated at a later date, when they become available.

Service Berth Destination Notes
 99 B3 Clementi  
 182 B3 ↺ Tuas South Avenue 9  
 182M B3 ↺ Tuas South Avenue 9  
 253 B2 ↺ Benoi Road Jurong Industrial Service
 254 B1 ↺ Tuas Avenue 11 Jurong Industrial Service
 255 B1 ↺ Gul Crescent Jurong Industrial Service
 256 B1 Boon Lay Looping Point
Jurong Industrial Service
 257 B2 ↺ Pioneer Sector 2 Jurong Industrial Service
 258 B2 Boon Lay BSEP Service
Jurong Industrial Service

Berth Allocation:

Joo Koon Integrated Transport Hub has around 2 alighting berths and 3 boarding berths.

Berth Services
B1  254, 255, 256
B2  253, 257, 258
B3  99, 182, 182M


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2 thoughts on “Joo Koon Bus Interchange

  1. It seems that construction is still on-going. Give it another one to two months and the facility should be 100% ready for operations. Including testing which could take around three months, I guess it should open in around five months’ time, in either August (during National Day holiday) or September 2015 (during September school holidays).

  2. bus 99 delayed these 2 days . suppose to reach blk 745 jurong west at 6.40am and another bus at 6.45am. now delayed till 6.50am. this will affect students reporting to school time slightly late. no bus at 6.40am and 6.45am pls assist to check why? Students taking bus going to Jurong West St 41

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