City Direct Service 658


City Direct Service 658 is an AM/PM Peak City Direct Service between Eunos and the CBD, passing through Kaki Bukit, Bedok Reservoir and Shenton Way. It is the eight City Direct route introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

^ Aedge Holdings – Golden Dragon XML6957J14B Turbo – City Direct 658

Route Information
Route [AM]: Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 122) → Shenton Way (Opp MAS Bldg)
[PM]: Anson Rd (Mapletree Anson) → Jln Damai (Opp Blk 668)
Passes Through Kaki Bukit, Jln Eunos, Marina Bay
Route Length 15.7km (D1) | 15.2km (D2) – Estimated
Travelling Time 55mins
Operator Information
Current Operator Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd
Current Fleet Private buses
Departure Times from T1 0740 – 0755 (Weekdays)
Departure Times from T2 1820 – 1835 (Weekdays)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
0630-0830: 15 mins 1700-1930: 15 mins

Route Poster


  • 2014 (19 May): Introduced as a bidirectional AM/PM-Peak hour service from Eunos to the CBD under the BSEP. Operates two trips on weekday mornings at 7:40am and 7:55am, and weekday evenings at 6:20pm and 6:35pm. Charges Distance-based flat fares.
  • 2015 (23 Mar): Calls at new bus stop 03241 Anson Rd – Mapletree Anson instead of 03222 Anson Rd – Hub Synergy Point

City Direct service 658 provides residents of Eunos and Bedok Reservoir with greater connectivity to the CBD. The service provides a travel alternative for commuters who relied on the rail network and feeder buses to and from work. The route incorporates an express sector between Jalan Eunos and Marina Bay via PIE, KPE and Sheares Avenue.

This is the eight City Direct service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), and one of ten City Direct bus routes to be progressively introduced until the 2nd Quarter of 2014. This provides more options for commuters using stretches of the existing rail lines that experience persistently high ridership, while the ongoing rail enhancement measures are being implemented.

In addition to City Direct 658, Premium Service 585 also plies from Bedok Reservoir to the CBD, operating two trips in the morning.

Fares: Charges Flat fares based on the distance fare scheme for express services.

Adult Child Student Senior Citizen
Card Fares per trip: $2.09* Free $0.90 $1.35
Cash Fares per trip: $2.40 $2.40 $2.40 $2.40

*PWD (Persons with Disabilities Transport Concession Scheme) – $1.35
*WTCS (Workfare Transport Concession Scheme) – $1.77

Fleet: Service 658’s fleet comprises of private buses operated by Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd. Common models sighted include Golden Dragon XML6957J14B Turbos.

Route Information:

Direction 1 Direction 2
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 122)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 133)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd  (Christ Ch)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 608)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 140)
  • Kaki Bukit Ave 1 (Blk 151)
  • Kaki Bukit Ave 1 (Bef Jln Damai)
  • Jln Damai (Opp Blk 668)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Opp Blk 646)
  • Jln Eunos (Eunos Mans)
    PIE (Express)
    KPE (Express)
    Sheares Ave (Express)
  • Ctrl Blvd (Aft Marina Stn Rd)
  • Ctrl Blvd (Downtown Stn)
  • Shenton Way (UIC Bldg)
  • Shenton Way (Opp MAS Bldg)
  • Anson Rd (Mapletree Anson)
  • Robinson Rd (Aft Capital Twr)
  • Robinson Rd (Opp The Ogilvy Twr)
  • Marina Blvd (The Sail)
  • Marina Blvd (Marina Bay Financial Ctr)
    Sheares Ave (Express)
    KPE (Express)
    PIE (Express)
  • Jln Eunos (Blk 322)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 646)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 122)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 133)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Christ Ch)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 608)
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd (Blk 140)
  • Kaki Bukit Ave 1 (Blk 151)
  • Kaki Bukit Ave 1 (Bef Jln Damai)
  • Jln Damai (Opp Blk 668)

City Direct 658 at a glance. Click for larger image.


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8 thoughts on “City Direct Service 658

  1. Hi, want to inquire about the frequency of 658 as looking at the site it is not clear if this run only twice in the morning or until 8:30? Also can we use ezlink to pay or is it only cash.

    • Two trips are operated on weekday mornings (7.40am and 7.55am). Both Ez-link card and cash payment are accepted as buses will be equipped with card readers.

  2. Hi, I’ve been taking your bus services at 7.45am from Bedok reservoir to my office every morning. Recent weeks, there’s been a change of drivers. The uncle that’s driving the bus smokes in the bus and the smell is very strong when I boarded from the 2nd stop.
    I hope your company will take action and advised him not to smoke in the bus. I do not wish to inhale second hand smoke
    Do not hesitate to contact me at (Number Withheld) if you require further details.

    Looking forward to your prompt attention in this matter.


  3. Why is only EZ Link cards accepted on City Direct Service? Isn’t the government encouraging cashless? What if I don’t have an EZ Link card?

  4. Please tidy up the frequency. It states for Direction 2, it operates from 1700 to 1930 with freq of 15mins. But it also states the trips are 1820 and 1835. What does it mean?

  5. Are The bus drivers of 585 all newbies?
    lately, travel time seems to be too slow coz bus speed looks like only 40km/hr. It seems to me that driver just learned to drive.

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