SBS Transit Bus Service 143M


SBS Transit Bus Service 143M is a trunk service plying between Jurong East Interchange and looping at Pandan Gardens, passing through Jurong Town Hall Road and Teban Gardens. It is a route variant of Service 143, introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

Route Information
Route Jurong East Bus Interchange ↺ Jurong Town Hall Road  
Passes Through Jurong Town Hall Rd, Teban Gardens
Route Length 9.9km
Travelling Time 35mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SBS Transit
Current Depot Soon Lee Bus Park (SLBP)
Current Fleet Volvo B9TL
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
Shifts 4 buses
Departure Times from T1 Weekdays & Sat: 5:30am – 12:50am
Sundays/PHs: 5:50am – 12:50am
Frequency (TBC) Loop Service
0630-0830: 08 – 28 mins
0831-1659: 07 – 30 mins
1700-1930: 10 – 22 mins
After 1930: 10 – 26 mins


  • 2014 (18 May): Introduced between Jurong East Int and Pandan Gardens under the BSEP.
  • 2014 (24 Aug): Calls at Blk 411, West Coast Road

Service 143M provides residents of Teban Gardens and Pandan Gardens with greater connectivity to Jurong East MRT and Interchange, along with other amenities in the neighborhood. The route serves Teban Gardens Market and Food Centre, Commonwealth Secondary School and Jurong Regional Library, along with JCube, Jem and Westgate malls near Jurong East Interchange. This bus service is introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), as well as the first M-suffixed service under the BSEP.

The service duplicates Service 143, relieving demand and improving reliability of bus services for commuters. By looping at Pandan Gardens, it strengthens bus connections there in addition to existing Services 51 and 143. With Service 143 being frequently affected by inconsistent arrivals, 143M would be a welcomed relief for regular commuters between Pandan Gardens and Jurong East.

It is worth noting that 143M’s catchment is similar to the old Feeder 331 which looped at Teban Gardens and was withdrawn due to duplication with Services 51, 79 and 143. The late operating hours of this service will result in withdrawal of Shortworking Trip 143A.

This service is wheelchair-accessible as of introduction.

Route variants:

  • Service 143: Toa Payoh Bus Interchange ↔ Jurong East Bus Interchange

Special Departures:

  • Jurong Town Hall Road (C’wealth Sec Sch)  Jurong East Bus Interchange
    Weekdays & Saturdays: 0530hrs, 0540hrs

    Sundays & Public Holidays: 0530hrs, 0543hrs, 0556hrs

Fare: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Fleet: Service 143M’s fleet consists of Volvo B9TL Wrights and Mercedes-Benz Citaros under the BSEP scheme.

Route Information:

Loop Service
  • Jurong East Temp Int
  • Jurong Gateway Rd
  • Jurong East Ctrl
  • Jurong Town Hall Rd
  • Teban Gdns Rd
  • West Coast Rd
  • Pandan Gdns
  • Jurong Town Hall Rd
  • West Coast Rd
  • Teban Gdns Rd
  • Jurong Town Hall Rd
  • Jurong East Ctrl
  • Jurong East Temp Int


External Links:

  • TransitLink E-Guide



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