Other names MAN Lion’s City DD
Manufacturer MAN Truck And Bus
Bodywork MAN Lion’s City DD
(Gemilang Coachworks)
Year 2014, 2015
Local Operators SMRT Buses
Technical Data
Length 12.0m
Width 2.55m
Entry Low floor
Engine MAN D2066 LUH-33
Transmission ZF EcoLife 6 AP 2000 B
Emission Standard Euro V (EGR)


The MAN ND323F / ND363F (A95) is a fully-low-floor rear-engined double-decker transit bus built by MAN Truck & Bus. The bus is largely successful in Germany, with the most well-known ones operating for the Berlin Transport Company (or Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe), in their characteristic yellow livery.

Currently, SMRT Buses is the sole local public transport operator with the MAN ND363F, having a single MAN A95 demonstrator unit brought in for evaluation. An additional unit was brought in and registered in late Aug 2015.

Currently, the single MAN A95 on trial with SMRT Buses makes it the first ever bus operator to put the MAN A95 into regular service. It was of the ND363F make.

Type Information:

The MAN A95 is a chassis designed off MAN’s popular urban bus line, the Lion’s City, which was only available with integral bodywork by MAN. The A95 is compatible various bodywork designs from other manufacturers.

While the original MAN A39 is avaliable as a 13.73-metre left-hand drive (LHD) bus with integral MAN Lion’s City DD bodywork, the A95 is a right-hand drive (RHD) model shortened to 12 metres and without room for a third door located at the rear overhang. Delivered with the integrated bodywork from MAN, both the A39 and A95 can be referred to as the MAN Lion’s City DD.

Alternatively, the MAN A95 is designated as either the MAN ND323F or the MAN ND363F, to differentiate engine outputs of 320hp or 360hp respectively. The “D” in ND323F or ND363F refers to Doppeldeckerbus, or double-decker bus.

Technical Information:

MAN A95s come with the standard MAN D2066 LUH inline 6-cylinder, horizontally-mounted, turbocharged & intercooled engine, with a rage of available power outputs of between 270 and 400 horsepower over Euro III to Euro V emission standards. For the Euro V rating, 320hp, 360hp and 400hp versions are avaliable, along with a 2-stage turbocharger for high torque rating. The engine uses Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) technology and MAN’s own PM-Kat® exhaust treatment system to achieve its Euro V rating.

For transmission, the MAN A95 offers a ZF EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission with integrated hydraulic retarder, featuring boosted operating economy, longer service life, and higher temperature resistance for operation with Euro V compatible engines. Similar to other MAN urban buses, the ND363F chassis in manufactured and assembled in Salzgitter, Germany, with engines produced in Nuremberg.

Foreign Markets:

The MAN A95 may indicate MAN’s renewed interest in entering the right-hand drive market for double-decker bus chassis. Their MAN 24.310 model built for the Hong Kong market (around year 2000) had seen slightly under 50 units being purchased and put into service.

Franchised bus companies Kowloon Motor Bus, New World First Bus and New Lantau Bus Co. are expected to receive MAN A95 units in 2015, with the KMB demonstrator unit arriving Hong Kong on 15th March 2015 and New Lantau Bus units in Sep/Aug 2015. Additionally, an open-top MAN A95 was delivered to Hong Kong private operator Sun Fai Transportation Co. (新輝旅遊) in early 2015.


SMRT MAN A95 Demonstrator (Lion’s City DD) – SMB5888H

In 2014, SMRT Buses brought in a MAN ND363F demonstrator unit for road testing and evaluation from MAN’s local dealer, ST Kinetics. The bus bears SMRT’s new pixel livery and the registration SMB5888H, registered on 01 October 2014.

Basic Specifications:

  • MAN D2066 LUH-33 engine
    Inline 6-cylinder; Twin-stage turbocharged with intercooling.
    – 10518 cc, 360 bhp (265 kW) at 1900 rpm
    – Torque rating of 1800 Nm @ 1000 – 1400 rpm
  • Euro-V compliant
    Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) technology and MAN’s PM-Kat® exhaust treatment system, hence doing away with the need for diesel exhaust fluids, and achieveing the the Euro V emission standard.
  • ZF EcoLife 6 AP 2000 B transmission
    Six-speed automatic for high torque output.
  • MAN Lion’s City DD Bodywork
    Chassis built in Germany, MAN’s Lion City DD bodywork supplied and assembled by Gemilang Coachworks, licensed by MAN.
  • Aesys Libra Electronic Destination Signage (EDS)
    Orange LED matrix design
  • 28 lower deck seating and 57 upper deck seating

SMRT first announced its purchase of 201 new double-deck buses in March 2014. Following the large intake of Alexander Dennis Enviro500 units, SMB5888H is the second model of double deck bus brought in by SMRT, with a single unit brought in for evaluation purposes. First announcement was made over SMRT’s official Facebook page on 25 Sep 2014, reporting that the bus was brought in for trial at the manufacturer’s request, for a year’s duration. This was part of SMRT’s ongoing effort to test out new bus models.

Similar to SMRT’s MAN NL323F buses, the bodywork was supplied and assembled by Gemilang Coachwork Sdn Bhd of Malaysia, licensed by MAN. The A95 chassis is modified from the original 13.7-metre A39 chassis which the bus (and its integral MAN Lion’s City DD bodywork) was previously avaliable as the only option. The bus is Gemilang’s third double-deck transit bus in Singapore after SBS Transit’s Scania K310UD and Volvo B9TL prototype bodywork units, and thus very likely assembled at the Gemilang production/assembly plant at Senai, Johor Bahru.

The vehicle was registered on 01 October 2014 as SMB5888H. The bus features Ster NewCity seats (similar to SBS7777Y), Masats leaf doors (entrance) and sliding plug doors (exit), and adjustable air-conditioning outlets. Electronic Destination Signage (EDS) was supplied by Aesys Libra (fitted with a Aesys KC640-USB controller), a new addition to the standard models of EDS units used on SMRT buses.

Revenue service

SMB5888H made its revenue service debut on Wednesday, 5th November 2014, appearing on Service 190. Deployed on the 190AP19 slot, the bus operates throughout the day, while additionally performing Shortworking Trip 190A during the morning peak hours and a downroute from Orchard Road (YMCA) towards Choa Chu Kang at night.

Allocated to Kranji Bus Depot, the bus has appeared on numerous other services such as 6167106176188, 700/A868972983 and 985 as of Sep 2015, in part due to overzealous dispatchers at Kranji Depot .


SMRT MAN A95 (Lion’s City DD) Production Batch – SMB5889E – SMB5904U

SMB5889E was registered on 31 August 2015, featuring Mobitec MobiLED electronic display units similar to SMRT’s Enviro500 buses, upper deck guards, and Vogelsitze seats. Unlike SMB5888H, this unit features a face-lifted head design with the addition of daylight running LEDs below the headlights and signal indicators, as well as the MAN Lion logo above the “MAN” badge.

The battery box is now housed below the bus captain’s seat, like the MAN A22 buses, instead of below the staircase on SMB5888H. The fuel tank has also been moved from the rear axle to the staircase area.

Starting with SMB5889E, the MAN A95 buses has an auto-turnoff feature which shuts down the engine after 5 minutes of idling in N gear.

Revenue Service

Allocated to Kranji Bus Depot, SMB5889H made its revenue service debut on Monday, 7 September 2015, appearing on Express Service 868. Following which, it was deployed on Service 700 on Tuesday, 8 September 2015.


Production Batch

The first of MAN A95 production batch buses (SMB5890Y & SMB5891A) were registered on 12 Oct 2015. These two buses made their revenue service debut on Thursday, 16 October 2015, on Services 188 and 190.

Although the additional purchase was not announced through any press release, SMRT is believed to have purchased a small batch of MAN A95 Production Batch buses (around 16) at an undisclosed price.

Additional Features


Registration Engine Gearbox Introduced Retired Bodywork
SMB5888H MAN D2066 LUH-33 ZF EcoLife 6 AP 2000 B 2014 MAN Lion’s City DD / Gemilang Coachworks
SMB5889E – SMB5904U 2015 MAN Lion’s City DD / Gemilang Coachworks


Gallery (Revenue service):

SMB5888H on Service 190: Offside

SMB5888H on Service 190: Nearside

SMB5890A on Service 67: Offside

SMB5896J on Service 969: Offside

SMB5897G on Service 190

SMB5896J on Service 966

^ A95 production line at Gemilang Coachworks

For more images, visit the MAN A95 Gallery




Additional Specifications:

  • (SMB5888H) Chassis number of WMAA95ZZ0D7001979
  • Unladen weight of 14560 kg
  • Max. laden weight of 23100 kg


Video Tour of bus interior


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11 thoughts on “MAN A95

  1. The one spotted in 2013 is a different unit right? ~as the one spotted in 2013 bears a different Glass window design on the back and Vogelstize ‘normal’ seats.

  2. They are the same from Volvo B9TL Gemilang but the between Volvo B9TL Gemilang and A95 is:

    B9TL Gemilang: MAN A95:
    – Door is SMC Transit – Door is Masats
    – Have Headrests at the Back – No Headrests at the Back
    – No Signages – Have Signages
    – Purple Handrail – Silver Handrail
    – Normal Seating – Digital Seating

    • 804 feeder. No need double deck if not people need to go up and then very soon after come down again so people just crowd at lower deck and no one at upper like 189.

  3. SMRT MAN A95 will be registering SMB5889E from 31 August 2015. SMB5889E onwards will be using Mobitec MobiLED EDS and will be using Vogelsitze System 750/3 seats of.

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