Premium Bus Service 737

Premium Service 737 is a Changi Business Park Premium service operated by Smart Destiny Pte Ltd, linking the housing estates at Pasir Ris & Flora Road with Changi Business Park. Morning trips operate towards Changi Business Park. Return trips towards Pasir Ris are also operated in the evening.


Smart Bus King Long XMQ6117K (PA8954A)

Route Information
Route [AM] Pasir Ris Dr 1 (Blk 738) → Changi Business Pk Ctrl 1 (Os Honeywell)

[PM] Changi South Ave 2 (One @ Changi City) → Pasir Ris Dr 1 (Blk 740)

Operator Information
Current Operator Smart Destiny Pte Ltd (Smart Bus)
Departure Times from Pasir Ris
0745 – 0930 (Weekdays)
Departure Times from CBP 1800 – 1915 (Weekdays)
Frequency Unidirectional Service
AM Peak: 15 – 30 mins PM Peak: 15 – 30 mins

Premium 737 serves housing board estates around Pasir Ris and Flora Road with connections to Changi Business Park located at Upper Changi, eliminating the hassle of transferring between different modes of transport. It is a more convenient alternative route for residents who would otherwise rely on the MRT and other bus routes to reach Changi Business Park, which has limited transport connections. On operating days, a total of 4 CBP-bound trips are operated between 8:10am and 9:30am, and a further 3 trips back to Pasir Ris from 6:15pm to 7:15pm. An additional return trip is operated on fridays.

Operating Days:

Weekdays only. Does not operate on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Departure Times:

  • Morning Peak: 0745, 0810, 0830, 0845, 0900, 0930
  • Evening Peak: 1800, 1815, 1845, 1915


  • Flat fare of $2.30 per trip. Transfer rebates & concessionary travel are not applicable.

Route Information:

Direction 1 (towards Changi Biz Park): Direction 2 (towards Pasir Ris):
  • Pasir Ris Dr 1
    – Blk 738
    – Blk 643
    – Blk 640
    – Blk 612
    – Blk 515
    – Blk 571
    – Bef Pasir Ris Ctrl
    – Pasir Ris Town Pk
    – Blk 425
    – Blk 442
    – Blk 210
    – Blk 269A
  • Loyang Ave
    – Opp Blk 179A
  • Flora Rd
    – Avila Gdns
  • Mariam Way
    – Bef Mariam Walk
  • Changi South Ave 2
    – One @ Changi City
  • Changi Business Pk Cres
    – Os Plaza 8
  • Changi Business Pk Ave 1
    – Os Citibank Entrance
  • Changi Business Pk Ctrl 1
    – Os IBM Place
    – Os Honeywell
  • Changi South Ave 2
    – One @ Changi City
  • Changi Business Pk Cres
    – Os Plaza 8
  • Changi Business Pk Ave 1
    – Os Citibank Entrance
  • Changi Business Pk Ctrl 1
    – Os IBM Place
    – Os Honeywell
  • Upp Changi Rd North
    – Ballota Pk Condo
  • Flora Rd
    – Carissa Pk
  • Pasir Ris Dr 1
    – Blk 156
    – Blk 197
    – Blk 104
    – Blk 115
    – Blk 541
    – Aft Pasir Ris Ctrl
    – Opp Blk 571
    – Opp Blk 515
    – Opp Blk 640
    – Meridian JC
    – Blk 740




Golden Dragon XML6701J18 (CB6819U) on Premium 737


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8 thoughts on “Premium Bus Service 737

  1. I would like to know the bus route and schedule for the new 767 bus from Flora Road to CBD. What time does it stop at Flora Road. What time does it arrive at CBD. Where does it stop at CBD?

  2. Can i check for bus 737, with me living at 711 pasir street 72, what will be the nearest bus stop? And what is usually the arrival time of this bus at that bus stop? Thanks.

    • Your nearest bus stop would be Blk 738 along Pasir Ris Drive 1. The arrival time will be 0810hrs, 0830hrs, 0900hrs and 0930hrs on weekdays.

  3. I think it’s misleading to put departure time to be 7.45am, I have been waiting for the bus since then. One page shows first bus is 7.45am and another page shows 8.10am. So which is which?

    • Hi Mi, we updated the main article (CBP Premium Services) according to the operator’s website. Due to administrative issues, when the operators update the bus departure timings, fare or routes, we do not get informed in anyway to update on our side. Hence we linked over the routes and timings to the operator’s website itself recently. The individual premium bus services pages will be scheduled to be taken down soon. Nonetheless thanks for the valuable feedback.

      – PTSG Admin Team

  4. Lately the evening 737 service is very erratic. 2-3 times in a week the 6 pm bus never comes and the 6 .10 bus is packed before it comes to IBM leaving many commuters stranded. Any reasons..

  5. Can we wait at the various location to board the bus? For example Premium 737 passes by Blk 425. Can I wait at this location to board the bus in the morning?

  6. This bus service is never on time..10minutes up and down is understandable but how can it be always late to 30 minutes..and if timings are not fix then we need to have a tracker for this so that we can see when it is arriving.
    Frequency is also very less

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