City Direct Service 661


City Direct Service 661 is an AM/PM Peak City Direct service between Pasir Ris and the CBD, passing through Pasir Ris Dr 6, Street 11 and Shenton Way. It is the fourteenth City Direct route introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

^ Aedge Holdings – Golden Dragon XML6957J14B Turbo – City Direct 661

Route Information
Route [AM]: Pasir Ris Dr 3 (Blk 479) → Marina Blvd (Marina Bay Financial Ctr)
[PM]: Central Blvd (Marina Bay Stn) → Pasir Ris Dr 3 (Opp Blk 479)
Passes Through Pasir Ris Dr 6, Pasir Ris St 11
Route Length 24.9km (D1) | 25.9km (D2)
Traveling Time 50 – 70mins
Operator Information
Current Operator Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd
Current Fleet Private buses
Departure Times from T1 0735 – 0750 (Weekdays, except Public Holidays)
Departure Times from T2 1810 – 1825 (Weekdays, except Public Holidays)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
0630-0830: 15 mins 1700-1930: 15 mins


  • 2015 (09 Feb): Tender for City Directs 661 to 665 announced; tender closes 09 Mar 2015.
  • 2015 (21 Jul): Tender for City Direct 661 awarded to Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd at $5.41 million.
  • 2015 (07 Sep): Initial press release by LTA stating launch date to be on 15 Sep, later removed possibly due to the General Elections 2015.
  • 2015 (22 Sep): Launch of City Direct 661 from Pasir Ris to and fro CBD.

City Direct service 661 provides residents of Pasir Ris with greater connectivity to the CBD. The service provides a travel alternative for commuters who relied on the rail network and feeder buses to and from work. The route incorporates an express sector between Loyang Ave and Anson Rd via TPE, PIE, ECP & MCE.

3 New bus stops will be constructed along Pasir Ris St 11 for this service.

This is the eleventh City Direct service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), which provides more options for commuters using stretches of the existing rail lines that experience persistently high ridership, while the ongoing rail enhancement measures are being implemented.

In addition to City Direct 661, SBS Transit Premium Service 538 and a few other Premium services also ply from Pasir Ris to the CBD.

On the first day of operations on 22 Sep 2015, free rides were available on this service.

Departure Timings from first stop:

  • AM Peak: 0735hrs, 0750hrs
  • PM Peak: 1810hrs, 1825hrs

Fares: Charges regular distance-based express fares. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

  Adult Child Student Senior Citizen
Maximum Card Fares per trip: $2.52 Free $0.91 $1.35
Maximum Cash Fares per trip: $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00

*PWD (Persons with Disabilities Transport Concession Scheme) – $1.35
*WTCS (Workfare Transport Concession Scheme) – $2.09

Fleet: Service 661’s fleet comprises of private buses operated by Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd.

Route Information:

Direction 1 (Towards CBD) Direction 2 (Towards Pasir Ris)
  • Pasir Ris Dr 3
    – Blk 479
  • Pasir Ris Dr 6
    – Blk 467
    – Blk 446
  • Pasir Ris St 11
    – Blk 108
    – Bef Blk 187
    – Aft Blk 182
  • Pasir Ris Dr 1
    – Blk 269A
  • Loyang Ave
    – Opp Blk 149A
    TPE (Express)
    PIE (Express)
    ECP (Express)
    MCE (Express)
  • Anson Rd
    – Mapletree Anson
  • Robinson Rd
    – Aft Capitol Twr
    – Opp The Ogilvy Twr
  • Marina Blvd
    – The Sail
    – Marina Bay Financial Ctr
  • Central Blvd
    – Marina Bay Stn

    – Downtown Stn
  • Shenton Way
    – UIC Bdlg
    – Opp MAS Bdlg
    MCE (Express)
    ECP (Express)
    PIE (Express)
    TPE (Express)
  • Loyang Ave
    – Blk 149A
  • Pasir Ris Dr 1
    – Blk 156
  • Pasir Ris St 11
    – Opp White Sands Pri Sch
    – Opp Blk 187
    – Opp Blk 108
  • Pasir Ris Dr 6
    – Blk 429
    – Blk 405
  • Pasir Ris Dr 3
    – Opp Blk 479


Operator History:

  • 2015 (21 Jul): Tender for City Direct 661 awarded to Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd.
  • 2015 (22 Sep) – Present: Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd



External Links & References:

  • City Direct Services 661 to 665 – LTA

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9 thoughts on “City Direct Service 661

    • Hi Dot Lim,

      Although the tender for this service has closed, LTA still have not awarded this tender to the private bus operators as of today as they are still evaluating it. This means that the launch of this service will not come so soon. The timings for this service will be annouced in the service launch press release. Which would be sometime after LTA awards the tender.

      Public Transport SG @ WordPress Admin Team
      Bus Schemes & Premium Buses Division

    • Hi Dot Lim,

      LTA is still evaluating the tender submissions by 12 transport companies for the latest package of city direct services.

      PTSG@WP Admin Team

  1. Hi

    When I enquired when will service 661 start, I received a reply that it will be Sept/Oct.

    We are now into first week of Sept and no details have been announced.

    When will it start please

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