City Direct Service 665

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City Direct Service 665 is an AM/PM Peak City Direct service between Marsiling, Woodlands and the CBD, passing through Marsiling Drive, Marsiling Lane, Marsiling Rise, Woodlands Ave 5 and Bras Basah Rd. It is the fifteenth City Direct route introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

From 4 Jan 2016, an additional 6th AM trip towards CBD will be added and AM departure timings will be revised.

^ Bus Hub – City Direct 665

Route Information
Route [AM]: Marsiling Dr (Blk 32) → Shenton Way (Opp MAS Bdlg)
[PM]: Anson Rd (Mapletree Anson) → Marsiling Dr (Blk 203)
Passes Through Marsiling Lane/Rise, Woodlands Ave 5, Bras Basah Rd
Route Length 30.8km
Travelling Time 70mins
Operator Information
Current Operator Bus Hub Service Pte Ltd
Current Fleet Private buses
Departure Times from T1 0710 – 0740 (Weekdays, except Public Holidays)
Departure Times from T2 1815 – 1830 (Weekdays, except Public Holidays)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
0630-0830: 5 – 7 mins 1700-1930: 15 mins


  • 2015 (09 Feb): Tender for City Directs 661 to 665 announced; tender closes 09 Mar 2015.
  • 2015 (21 Jul): Tender for City Direct 665 awarded to Bus Hub Service Pte Ltd at $3.41 million.
  • 2015 (12 Oct): Launch of City Direct 665
  • 2016 (4 Jan): Additional AM trip added, AM departure timings revised.
Release Poster

Release Poster

City Direct service 665 provides residents of Marsiling and Woodlands South with greater connectivity to the CBD. The service provides a travel alternative for commuters who relied on the rail network and feeder buses to and from work. The route incorporates an express sector between Woodlands Ave 1 and Orchard Rd via SLE & CTE.

s Ave 1 and Orchard Rd via SLE & CTE.

This is the fifteenth City Direct service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), which provides more options for commuters using stretches of the existing rail lines that experience persistently high ridership, while the ongoing rail enhancement measures are being implemented.

With the introduction of City Direct 665, SMRT Express Service 951E was amended to service Woodlands Ave 5, skipping Woodlands Ave 1 and part of Woodlands Ave 4.






Additional AM Trip

Due to growing demand, a 6th AM forward trip will be added from 4 Jan 2016. The first bus departure timing from Marsiling will be brought forward from 0715hrs to 0710hrs, along with adjustment of other AM departure timings of City Direct 665.

Departure Times:

  • AM Peak: 0710hrs, 0716hrs, 0721hrs, 0727hrs, 0734hrs, 0740hrs
  • PM Peak: 1815hrs, 1830hrs

Fares: Charges regular distance-based express fares. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Adult Child Student Senior Citizen
Maximum Card Fares per trip: $2.57 Free $0.91 $1.35
Maximum Cash Fares per trip: $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00

*PWD (Persons with Disabilities Transport Concession Scheme) – $1.35
*WTCS (Workfare Transport Concession Scheme) – $2.13

Fleet: Service 665’s fleet comprises of private buses operated by Bus Hub Service Pte Ltd.

Route Information:

Direction 1 (Towards CBD) Direction 2 (Towards Marsiling)
  • Marsiling Dr
    – Blk 32
  • Marsiling Lane
    – Blk 212
    – GES S’pore
    – Opp Blk 19
    – Opp Blk 15
  • Marsiling Rise
    – Opp Blk 120
  • Woodlands Ave 5
    – Opp Blk 106
    – Blk 894C
    – Opp Blk 521
  • Woodlands Ave 4
    – Blk 550
    – Blk 547
  • Woodlands Ave 1
    – Blk 541
    – Blk 589
    Woodlands Ave 12 (Express)
    SLE (Express)
    CTE (Express)
    Buyong Rd (Express)
  • Orchard Rd
    – Dhoby Ghaut Stn
  • Bras Basah Rd
    – Rendezvous Grand Hotel
    – NTUC Income Ctr
    – Raffles Hotel
  • Nicoll Highway
    – One Raffles Link
    Esplanade Dr (Express)
  • Collyer Quay
    – OUE Bayfront
  • Raffles Quay
    – One Raffles Quay
  • Shenton Way
    – UIC Bldg
    – Opp MAS Bdlg
  • Anson Rd
    – Mapletree Anson
  • Robinson Rd
    – Aft Capital Twr
    – Opp The Ogilvy Ctr
    – Opp AIA Twr
  • Fullerton Rd
    – Fullerton Sq
  • Esplanade Dr
    – Esplanade Bridge
  • Stamford Rd
    – Capitol Bdlg
    – SMU
  • Orchard Rd
    – YMCA
  • Penang Rd
    – Dhoby Ghaut Stn
    Buyong Rd (Express)
    CTE (Express)
    SLE (Express)

    Woodlands Ave 12 (Express)
    Woodlands Ave 1
    – Opp Blk 589
    – Opp Blk 540
  • Woodlands Ave 4
    – Blk 532
    – Opp Blk 550
  • Woodlands Ave 5
    – Blk 519A CP
    – Blk 515
    – Blk 106
  • Marsiling Rise
    – Blk 120
  • Marsiling Lane
    – Blk 15
    – Blk 18
    – Si Ling Sec Sch
    – Blk 206
  • Marsiling Dr
    – Blk 203


Operator History:

  • 2015 (21 Jul): Tender for City Direct 665 awarded to Bus Hub Service Pte Ltd.
  • 2015 (12 Oct) onwards: Bus Hub Service Pte Ltd


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12 thoughts on “City Direct Service 665

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  2. I am taking the bus 665 to come to Dhobi Ghaut in the morning . I have observed that the bus operator is very lousy .

    the nuses will never stop at my bus stop particularly 3 rd and 4 th bus. He will just indicate to take next bus and pass us on bus stop ( opposite 589 block). This is happening for so long. I have to wait to get into bus for half an hour which is ridiculous. 951E was much better service than this.

    There is enough space for more people to get in . So people are getting late to the office so many times. At least i am getting late. But I can see people are frustated because of the service.

    Can you pls look into the matter as people may loose their jobs because of such service.I can take later bus because I have to drop my daughter to school and take this bus.

  3. May I ask for the bus time table at each stop?
    I board into bus at dhoby ghat (penang road) , would like to know the arrival time in direction 2 bus.


    • Both LTA and the operator do not have any schedule for intermediate stops. They only depart from the first stop at scheduled timings only. The rest depends on traffic conditions

  4. Hi I think the 665 bus service is good but would like it if they installed a bell so we can indicate to the driver that we are alighting at the next stop.

    The bus when it first started servicing the routes was almost always travelling half empty but now that more people get to know about it of course it will get crowded. I think we will see more people use the bus to get to town next year on for work. Maybe add more buses with shorter waiting times between buses?

  5. i like the service. It save so much time for me. Please consider adding early timing PM (5.50pm or 6pm) trip towards Marsiling. 6.15pm Departure Times towards Marsiling was always too crowder.

  6. Can your Pls add more bus at evening timing? I already continues few day didn’t able to board the bus at dhoby Ghaut Stn although I wait there at 6.20pm. The bus is always full and it didn’t even stop. Pls look into ts issues immediately. It really cause a lot inconvenient to the passenger who waiting at dhoby ghaut Stn. Can you imagine the passenger are waiting at the bus stop for 30-40mins to board the bus??

  7. Evening from 1st stop at Maple Tree Anson Road said to arrive 6:15pm but 6:10pm has already left. Then last trip evening said 6:30pm but it arrives 6:40pm tand sometimes 6:45pm. First stop already late. Very bad service.

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