Causeway Link CW5


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Causeway Link CW5 is a cross-border service operated by Johor Bahru-based bus operator Handal Indah, plying between Newton Circus and the Johor Bahru CIQ Complex in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The route incorporates a long express sector between Newton Circus and Woodlands CIQ Complex.

^ Causeway Link SKSbus SA12-300 (JNC9652) – Route CW5

Route Information
Route Johor Bahru CIQ Complex ↔ Newton Circus
Passes Through Woodlands CIQ
Fare Section fare payment, ManjaLink Card accepted.
RM3.40 (Max) from JB, S$3.30 (Max) from Singapore
Operator Information
Current Operator Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link)
Common Fleet Scania K250IB
Scania K310IB
SKSbus SA12-300
Departure Times from
Daily: 0500hrs – 2230hrs
Departure Times from
Newton Circus
Daily: 0600hrs – 2330hrs
Published frequency of 20mins.

Route History

Service CW5 is a cross-border route connecting Newton Circus to Johor Barhu City Centre, via Woodlands Checkpoint crossing. The route complements the Checkpoint to City crowd alongside multiple services between Woodlands Checkpoint and Queen Street Bus Terminal at Bugis, such as Service 170, CW2 and the Singapore-Johore Express.

Due to varying traffic conditions at the Causeway, travel times and waiting times may increase significantly when jams occur. The route does not call at en-route bus stops in Singapore or Johor Bahru, providing fast connections daily between Singapore and Malaysia. As a relatively new service (introduced 27th March 2011), demand is limited during off-peak hours in favor of other bus services to Queen Street, but heavy during the peak hours.

Additionally, a shuttle service numbered as CWL plies between JB CIQ Complex and Larkin Bus Terminal, which sells tickets purchased by connecting passengers from CW1 and CW2 (and sells its own tickets as well).

Boarding Points:

– Terminating Points:

  • Newton Circus: Bus alighting/boarding stop located within Newton Food Centre Car Park along Clemenceau Avenue North

– Towards Singapore:

  • JB CIQ (Departure): Bus Bays 22, 23 and 24 at Platform B
  • Woodlands (Arrival): 3 separate queues for CW1/CW2/CW5 at the Public Bus berths after immigration clearance.

– Towards Johor Bahru:

  • Woodlands (Departure): Single queue at the Public Bus berth after immigration clearance.
  • JB CIQ (Arrival): Platform B. After immigration clearance, a CW staff/timekeeper will direct passengers to the next bus departing for Larkin Sentral.

Fares & Inter-Checkpoint Transfer:

At each checkpoint on the Singapore and Malaysian side of the border, passengers will have to alight and clear customs before boarding the bus again. When travelling between Woodlands CIQ Complex and Johor Bahru CIQ Complex in either direction, commuters may board any Causeway Link bus (Service CW1, CW2 or CW5) with a valid ticket. Commuters using the ManjaLink Card should tap their card upon entry.

From Woodlands CIQ towards Singapore, CW5 ticket holders are entitled to ride CW2 to Queen Street as the fare is similar. ManjaLink card users will have their card value deducted by the same amount.


Charges section fares last revised on 06 October 2014. Only Singapore currency is accepted when boarding the bus in Singapore, and Malaysian currency is accepted when boarding from Malaysia. Passengers using ManjaLink will be charged a lower fare compared to cash-paying passengers.

Destination Manjalink Card Adult Fare (Cash) Concesssion Fare (Cash)
Larkin / JB CIQ
→ Newton Circus
RM3.10 RM3.40 RM1.70
Newton Circus
→ Larkin / JB CIQ
S$3.00 S$3.30 S$1.50
  • Intermediate stage fares between JB CIQ and Woodlands CIQ will follow CW1 fares.

More detailed fare information for Manjalink users and concession fares are attached in a separate section below.

Fleet: See above

Route Information:

Direction 1 Direction 2
  • Johor Bahru CIQ Complex
  • Woodlands CIQ Complex
    Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)
    Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)
    Whitley Rd
    Dunearn Rd
    Newton Circus
    Clemenceau Ave North
  • Newton Circus (Newton FC CP)
    Bus alighting/boarding point
  • Newton Circus (Newton FC CP)
    Bus alighting/boarding point
    Clemenceau Ave North

    Newton Circus
    Bt Timah Rd
    Whitley Rd
    Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)
    Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)
  • Woodlands CIQ Complex
  • Johor Bahru CIQ Complex
Note: Green denotes roads in Singapore, Blue denotes roads in Johor Bahru, Malaysia



JMQ4476 – Newton Circus JNC9652 – Newton Circ



  • 2011 (27 Mar): Introduced between JB CIQ and Newton Circus

Past Routings:

  • NA


Miscellaneous Fare Information for Manjalink users

Manjalink fares will be deducted in stages, e.g. when boarding CW2 at JB CIQ towards Singapore, passengers will be charged RM1.30 for the inter-checkpoint sector (similar to the CW1 fare). When a passenger re-boards the bus at Woodlands Checkpoint, he/she will be required to tap the ManjaLink card on the reader, of which an additional RM1.80 will be deducted for CW2, therefore charging a total fare of RM3.10 to Queen Street.

As the ManjaLink card is loaded with values in MYR, for SGD fares passengers will be charged based on the prevailing exchange rate determined by Causeway Link. For example, the published ManjaLink fare for JB-bound CW1 is $0.90, and as such when ManjaLink is used, 0.90×2.98= 2.682, thereby deducting RM2.70 from the card taking into consideration the Malaysian system of rounding cents.

The fare of CWL is RM1.50 in either direction. For passengers commuting on CW2 between Woodlands CIQ and Larkin Sentral, CW1 fares will be charged instead.

Miscellaneous Information for Concession Fares

From Johor Bahru, concession fares are applicable to:

  • Children between 7 and 12 years old
  • Students in primary and secondary school uniform
  • Senior Citizen aged 60 and above
  • Persons with disabilities holding the OKU Card

From Singapore, concession fares are applicable to:

  • Children below 12 years old
  • Students in Primary school, secondary school, and pre-university education institutes (including Institute of Education (ITE)) wearing uniform


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