Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange


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Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange is located at Woodlands Town Centre, serving the residential town of Woodlands, Marsling, Admiralty and surrounding industrial areas. Amenities around the Interchange include the Causeway Point Shopping Mall, Woodlands Civic Centre and the Woodlands Regional Library.

The interchange will take over operations from the present Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange, which will undergo addition and alteration works as part of the construction for the new Woodlands Station along the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). The future underground station will incorporate additional links to the existing interchange.

Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange will open from 12 March 2016. The last day of operations for Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange will be on 11 March 2016.

^ Completed interchange in February 2016


Name: Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange | 兀兰临时巴士转换站
Service area: Woodlands, Admiralty, Marsiling
Address: 3A Woodlands Square, Singapore 737735
Principal operator: SMRT
MRT Station: NS9 / TE2 (future) – Woodlands Station
Berths: 10 sawtooth, 4 alighting
Bus services: 26 (SMRT), 2 (SBST), 1 (Commute Solutions & BT&Tan), 1 (Rui Feng Chartered)


Before the interchange came into operation, bus services in Woodlands were served by Woodlands Bus Interchange located at Woodlands Centre Road. In existence since the 1970s, the interchange served the former Woodlands Town Centre, which was located very near to the Causeway. Another bus terminal, Marsiling Bus Terminal, was situated not too far away at Marsiling Town, beside Block 201 along Admiralty Road. Introduced in the 1980s, this bus terminal was home to TIBS services 950, 951 and 952, which went to Shenton Way, Jurong and Marina Centre respectively.

In 1996, both bus terminals were rendered obsolete with the opening of Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange. Bus services were either diverted to the new interchange or withdrawn. In 2016, interchange operations were relocated to the Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange north of the existing site to facilitate construction works for the underground Woodlands Station as part of the new Thomson-East Coast Line.

The Interchange:

Read more about the existing Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange here.

With the construction of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) and a new Woodlands Station underneath Woodlands Regional Interchange, the existing interchange had to be closed to facilitate underground construction works, with addition and alteration works to be carried out (likely including a linkway to the new station). The solution was a temporary bus interchange built north of the existing interchange, for the relocation of all of the bus services currently serving Woodlands Regional Interchange. Contract T221 for the construction of the Temporary Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange was awarded to JS Metal Pte. Ltd. on 17 Mar 2014, at a sum of S$12,650,000.00.

Like most other temporary interchanges, the concourse wraps around the bus park, which is situated in the middle. A long alighting berth accommodates at least five buses, and nine boarding berths across its length cater for boarding activity (similar in number to the existing interchange). The parking bay has room for 51 articulated buses (18-metre) and 10 rigid buses (12-metre). A single combined entrance and exit leads to Woodlands Square.

Interchange facilities:

  • Interchange offices (SMRT)
  • TransitLink Office
  • Drivers’ lounge
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards & Bus arrival displays
  • SMRT Guide Rack
  • Retail outlets
  • Toilets

Bus Services List:

Service Berth Destination Notes
161 B1 Hougang Central  
168 B1 Bedok  
169 B3 Ang Mo Kio  
178 B6 Boon Lay  
187 B8 Boon Lay  
856 B9 Yishun  
858 B2 ↺ Changi Airport  
900 B3 ↺ Woodlands Drive 14  
900A ↺ Woodlands Drive 17 Weekdays selected times
901 B4 ↺ Woodlands Avenue 6  
902 B1 Woodlands Avenue 9 Weekday mornings
Excluding RP Vacation
903 B2 ↺ Woodlands Centre Road  
903P B2 ↺ Marsiling Lane  Weekdays AM/PM Peak
904 B1A ↺ Woodlands Crescent  
911/E B5 ↺ Woodlands Avenue 2  
B7 ↺ Woodlands Centre Road  
912/E B4 ↺ Woodlands Avenue 7  
B6 ↺ Woodlands Centre Road  
912P B6 ↺ Woodlands St 41 Weekdays AM/PM Peak
913/E B5 ↺ Woodlands Circle  
B6 ↺ Woodlands Centre Road  
925 / 925# B9 Choa Chu Kang Weekdays, Sat & Eves of PHs
↺ Neo Tiew Crescent Sundays & PHs
926 B5 ↺ Mandai Lake Road Sundays & PHs
950 B9 ↺ JB Sentral Cross border route
960 B7 Marina Centre  
961/ 961# B7 Geylang Lorong 1 Weekdays, Saturdays
Geylang Lorong 1 Sundays & PH
962 B4 ↺ Admiralty Street  
963 B8 HarbourFront  
963E B8 HarbourFront Express service
Weekdays AM/PM Peak
963R B8 Resorts World Sentosa Express service
Weekends & PHs
964 B5 ↺ Woodlands Link Weekdays, Sat & Eves of PHs
965 B3 ↺ Sengkang  
966 B8 ↺ Marine Parade Road  
969 B2 Tampines  
NR2 Sembawang Dr Enroute Stop

Berth Allocation:

Berth Services
B1A 904
B1 161, 168, 902
B2 858, 903/903P, 969
B3 169, 900/900A, 965
B4 901, 912 (Towards WDL Ave 7), 962
B5 911 (Towards WDL Ave 2), 913 (Towards WDL Circle), 926/964
B6 178, 912 (Towards WDL Centre Rd) / 912P, 913 (Towards WDL Centre Rd)
B7 911 (Towards WDL Centre Rd), 960, 961/961#
B8 187, 963, 963E/963R, 966
B9 856, 925/925#, 950

^ SMRT bus services rerouted to Woodlands Temporary Int
^ SBS Transit bus services rerouted to Woodlands Temporary Int



Construction progress, March 2015 Construction progress, March 2015
Construction progress, Aug 2015 Overhead view of completed interchange
Completed interchange, Jan 2016 Completed interchange, Feb 2016


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7 thoughts on “Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange

  1. The old Marsiling Terminal was located in the area bounded by Blk 20 market/Blk 19 & SPC. Had joyride on the old services 950, 951 & 952 before.

  2. Almost every morning my child will be late for school, late for at least 5 – 10 minutes to school just because of the long waiting for the bus number 912.Why is the schedule timing is so bad. I ever try “q” with her. It has been almost 20-25 minutes before the bus come and when come it comes 2 bus at a time. I dun think this is correct is it saying that your service will only take over when the “q” is long.. its the same thing for 913 as well..very long wiating time, Really hope during the pick hour(children need to rush to school) the operation timing is serious look into.

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