Iskandar Malaysia Route IM18

Iskandar Malaysia Route IM18 is a Bas Iskandar Malaysia (BIM) service operated by Handal Indah (Causeway Link), plying between Taman Universiti Bus Terminal and Taman Pulai Indah. via Taman Pulai Utama, Taman Sri Pulai, Taman Teratai and Kangkar Pulai.

This bus route has been withdrawn since 1 Jan 2016.

^ Causeway Link Mercedes-Benz CBC 1725 (JJQ8059) – Route IM18

Route Information
Route Taman Universiti Bus Terminal ↔ Taman Pulai Indah
Passes Through Taman Pulai Utama, Taman Sri Pulai, Taman Teratai, Kangkar Pulai
Fare Section fare payment, RM2.60 (Max) in either direction
Operator Information
Current Operator Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link)
Common Fleet Mercedes-Benz CBC 1725
Operating Hours 0600hrs – 2100hrs from Taman Universiti daily (except 5pm)
0700hrs – 2200hrs from Kg. Bendahara daily (except 11am)
60 minutes

Route History

Iskandar Malaysia Route IM-18 was a Bas Iskandar Malaysia (BIM) bus route plying between Taman Universiti Bus Terminal and Taman Pulai Indah, via the residential neighbourhoods of Taman Pulai Utama, Taman Sri Pulai, Taman Teratai and Kangkar Pulai. It also served AEON Taman Universiti. The route complimented existing bus services 505 and 606 along most of its route.

Owing to low demand and route duplication, IM-18 was withdrawn from 1 Jan 2016 onwards, and its last day of service was be 31 Dec 2015.

The Bus Iskandar Malaysia services are a joint initiative by the State Government of Johor, Iskandar Malaysia governmental bodies and various bus operators. These bus services generally operate at low frequencies throughout the day, providing low-density townships with basic bus connections and an alternative to private transport. They carry the IM-prefix for Iskandar Malaysia.


IM-18 commonly utilizes Mercedes-Benz CBC 1725 buses.

Route Information:

Direction 1
  • Taman Universiti Terminal
  • Jalan Kebudayaan 21
    Jalan Kebudayaan 6
    Jalan Kebudayaan
  • Jalan Pendidikan
    – opp AEON Taman Universiti
  • Jalan Perdagangan
    – bef Jalan Pulai 26
    – U Mall
  • Jalan Pulai
    – bef Jalan Flora 1/3
  • Jalan Pontian Lama
  • Lebuhraya Skudai-Pontian
  • Jalan Sri Pulai
    –  Jalan Ara 5
  • Jalan Rotan
  • Jalan Teratai
  • Lebuhraya Skudai-Pontian
    – opp Jalan Enau 15 shophouses
    – opp Hosin (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Jalan Pulai Jaya 1/1
    – Pulai Jaya Block D
  • Jalan Kangkar Pulai
    – aft Petronas Kiosk (Kangkar Pulai)
    – bef Jalan Limau
  • Jalan Persiaran Pulai Utama
  • Jalan Pulai Harmoni 3
    – Kenari Flat Block A1
    – Jentayu Flat Block B1
  • Persiaran Pulai Indah
    – opp SK Kangkar Pulai 2
  • Jalan Bayan
    – Taman Pulai Indah
    (opp Jalan PI 11/1 shophouses)
  • Jalan Bayan
    – Taman Pulai Indah
    (opp Jalan PI 11/1 shophouses)
    (u-turn near Jalan PI 11/1)
  • Persiaran Pulai Indah
    – Jalan Pl 1/4
    – SK Kangkar Pulai 2
  • Jalan Pulai Harmoni 3
    – opp Jentayu Flat Block B1
  • Jalan Persiaran Pulai Utama 1
    – Jalan Sibur-sibur
  • Jalan Kangkar Pulai
    – bef Petronas Kiosk (Kangkar Pulai)
  • Jalan Pulai Jaya 1/1
    – opp Pulai Jaya Block E
  • Lebuhraya Skudai-Pontian
    – Hosin (M) Sdn Bhd
    – bef Jalan Kampung Nesa
    – Jalan Enau 15 shophouses
  • Jalan Teratai
    – Jalan Palas 5 shophouses
  • Jalan Rotan
    – opp Jalan Kabong playground
    – opp Jalan Batai 14
  • Jalan Sri Pulai
    – aft Jalan Pakis 8
    – Jalan Meranti 2 shophouses
  • Lebuhraya Skudai-Pontian
  • Jalan Meranti
  • Jalan Universiti
  • Jalan Pontian Lama
  • Jalan Pendidikan
    – opp AEON Taman Universiti
  • Jalan Kebudayaan 21
  • Taman Universiti Terminal




Introduction Poster


Withdrawal Poster



  • 2012 (01 Jan): Route introduced between Terminal Bas Taman Universiti and Taman Pulai Indah
  • 2016 (01 Jan): Route withdrawn

Past Routings:

  • No changes in route since introduction


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