Johor Jaya Bus Terminal

Johor Jaya Bus Terminal is a bus terminal located in the town of Taman Johor Jaya, Malaysia, northwest of Johor Bahru. The terminal serves intercity bus routes only.

^ Johor Jaya Bus Terminal


Name: Johor Jaya Bus Terminal | Terminal Bas Johor Jaya
Service area: Johor Jaya Town
Address: —
Principal operator: Intercity coach operators
Berths: 7 lane berths

The Terminal:

Johor Jaya Bus Terminal features 7 lane berths for buses, with waiting areas and ticketing booth at one end. The terminal building features a sundry store on the ground floor, but the upper floors are abandoned.

A disused bus stop along Jalan Dedap 25 is attached to the terminal.

Bus Services:

Coach services are operated by multiple operators, including KBES, StarMart, Five Stars, Grassland, Sin Yong Express, and Alisan Golden Coach Express.

Formerly serving local bus routes to JB Sentral (such as City Bus 18/18A and Maju 225), 18/18A have since been withdrawn and 225 has been rerouted away from the terminal. Johor Jaya continues to be served by multiple passing-through services to JB Sentral, although none currently operate from the terminal itself.


Local Bus services

Not available



Click for larger images:

Terminal interior

Outside view #1

Outside view #2

Bus waiting area

Attached bus stop along Jln Dedap 25


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