Masai Bus Terminal

Masai Bus Terminal is a bus terminal located in the town of Masai, Malaysia, east of Johor Bahru. The small terminal serves both local Johor Bahru bus routes and a small number of intercity bus routes.

^  Masai Bus Terminal


Name: Masai Bus Terminal | Terminal Bas Masai
Service area: Masai town
Address: —
Principal operator: JB local bus operators
Berths: Multiple parking lanes and boarding stop next to bus parking area


Masai is a town 25 kilometers east of Johor Bahru (measured via Tebrau and Pasir Gudang Highways), developed around the main road (Jalan Masai Lama) that cuts through the town. In the middle of the town lies Masai Bus Terminal, catering to mostly Johor Bahru bus routes and small numbers of intercity bus routes. It is flanked by Jalan Masai Lama, Jalan Bayan and Jalan Berkek along its perimeter.

The Terminal:

Masai Terminal features multiple lanes for bus parking (about 8). Boarding activities are conducted at a boarding point located at one side of the terminal, next to Jalan Masai Lama. Next to the bus terminal is a taxi pick-up point.

The terminal building contains sundry shops and operator offices on its ground and mezzanine levels. The upper floor contains a canteen and more operator offices.

Bus Services:

The terminal serves local bus services to JB Sentral, as well as Iskandar Malaysia (IM) neighbourhood bus services to the surrounding residential areas of Bandar Seri Alam, Pasir Gudang, Taman Cendana, Taman Desa Rakyat, Kampung Pasir Putih and Taman Nusa Damai.

Some bus services passing through Masai will stop along the main road (Jalan Masai Lama) outside the bus terminal without entering. These services usually head to Pasir Gudang or Kota Masai.


Local Bus services:

Bus Service Destination via Bus Operator
39 Larkin &
JB Sentral
Plentong, Tebrau City, Pandan City, JB Sentral, Danga City Mall City Bus
208 Larkin &
JB Sentral
Plentong, Tebrau City, Pandan City, JB Sentral, Danga City Mall Maju
BET4 JB Sentral Seri Alam, Jalan Ketapang, Jalan Ketapang, EDL Maju
IM-12 Taman Desa Rakyat Pasir Gudang, Taman Cendana, Taman Scientex Maju
IM-13 Kampung Pasir Putih Pasir Gudang, Jalan Besar, ILP Pasir Gudang Maju
IM-14 Taman Nusa Damai Taman Mawar, Pasir Gudang, Taman Cendana Maju
IM-25 UiTM Seri Alam Today’s Market, Vista Seri Alam, IPD Seri Alam Causeway Link

Passing-by services:

Bus Service Destination via Bus Operator
3 Kota Masai JB Central Line
JB Sentral
9B Kota Masai Causeway Link
JB Sentral Plentong, Tebrau City, Pandan City
133 Kota Masai City Bus
JB Sentral Plentong, Tebrau City, Pandan City



Click for larger images:

Bus parking lanes

Pick-up point

Rear view #1

Rear view #2

Sundry shops and operator kiosks

Overhead view

Overhead interior view


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