SBS Transit Service 117

Bus Service 117 will be amended to West Camp Rd from 24 April 2016.

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SBS Transit Bus Service 117 is a trunk service plying between Sembawang and Punggol, traveling via Punggol West, Canberra, Yishun and Seletar West Link . It is the fifty-first (51st) bus service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

Service 117 was launched on 20 Dec 2015.

^ SBST Volvo B9TL Wright (SG5301L) – Service 117

Route Information
Route Punggol Bus Interchange Sembawang Bus Interchange WAB_logo_20px
Passes Through Punggol West, Seletar Aerospace Park, Khatib MRT, Yishun MRT, Canberra Link
Route Length D1: 20.0km | D2: 19.8km
Traveling Time 50 mins
Operator Information
Route Package
Current Operator SBS Transit
Current Depot Hougang Bus Depot (HGDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Double Deck buses:
– Volvo B9TL

12-metre Single Deck buses:
– Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro 
Departure Times from T1 0545 – 2330 (Daily)
Departure Times from T2 0545 – 2330 (Daily)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
0630-0830: 12 – 12 mins
0831-1659: 12 – 15 mins
1700-1930: 12 – 15 mins
After 1930: 14 – 15 mins
0630-0830: 12 – 14 mins
0831-1659: 13 – 15 mins
1700-1930: 14 – 15 mins
After 1930: 14 – 15 mins
Service 117 Route Launch Poster

Service 117 Route Launch Poster

Service 117 connects the residential towns of Punggol, Yishun and Sembawang directly with Seletar Aerospace Park. It is the fifty-first (51st) bus service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

The service plys Seletar West Link, skipping bus stops along West Camp Road that is served by Service 103. It is a faster travel alternative for passengers who utilize Service 85 to travel between Punggol and Yishun towns, as it does not ply through Sengkang residential areas entirely.

The service is provides a faster travel alternative between Khatib, Yishun and Sembawang MRT stations.

Service 117 is also the first SBS Transit Bus Service to serve Sembawang Bus Interchange, which is currently fully served by SMRT Buses.

Special Departures:

  • Yishun Ave 1 (Bef Yishun Ave 8) → Sembawang Int
    Daily: 0600hrs

Fares: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Route Information:

From Punggol Temporary Interchange to Sembawang Interchange

No Road Bus Stop Name
1 Punggol Place Punggol Temporary Interchange
2 Punggol Central Block 264
3 Punggol Way Soo Teck Station
4 Twin Waterfalls
5 Jalan Kayu Bef Seletar Camp Gate
6 Piccadilly Sing-China Building
7 Seletar Aerospace Drive Aft Baker Street
8 Bef Rolls Royce Pte Ltd
9 Rolls Royce Pte Ltd
10 Bef West Camp Road
11 Yishun Avenue 1 Bef Yishun Avenue 8
12 Aft Yishun Avenue 6
13 Opp The Shaughnessy
14 Yishun Avenue 1 Orchid Country Club
15 Opp Block 512A
16 Opp Block 871
17 Opp Block 816
18 Yishun Avenue 2 Opp Yishun Sports Hall
19 Bef Khatib Station
20 Block 790
21 Block 763
22 Yishun Station
23 Block 154
24 Opp Darul Makmur Mosque
25 Yishun Sapphire
26 Canberra Link Opp Block 589D
27 Sembawang Way Sembawang Station
28 Sembawang Drive Sun Plaza
29 Sembawang Vista Sembawang Interchange

From Sembawang Interchange to Punggol Temporary Interchange

No Road Bus Stop Name
1 Sembawang Vista Sembawang Interchange
2 Sembawang Drive Opp Sun Plaza
3 Sembawang Way Opp Sembawang Station
4 Canberra Link Block 589D
5 Yishun Avenue 2 Opp Yishun Sapphire
6 Darul Makmur Mosque
7 Block 220
8 Aft Northpoint Shopping Centre
9 Opp Block 757
10 Block 608
11 Opp Khatib Station
12 Yishun Sports Hall
13 Yishun Avenue 1 Block 816
14 Block 871
15 Block 512A
16 Opp Orchid Country Club
17 The Shaughnessy
18 Block 430B
19 Aft Yishun Avenue 8
20 Seletar Aerospace Drive Aft West Camp Road
21 Opp Rolls Royce Pte Ltd
22 Aft Rolls Royce Pte Ltd
23 Bef Baker Street
24 Piccadilly Opp Sing-China Building
25 Jalan Kayu Aft Seletar Camp Gate
26 Punggol Way Aft Tampines Expressway
27 Soo Teck Station
28 Punggol Central Opp Block 264A
29 Punggol Place Punggol Temporary Interchange

Operator History:

  • 2015 Onwards: SBS Transit Ltd





  • 2015 (20 Dec): Introduced under the LTA’s Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), plying between Punggol and Sembawang. Designated wheelchair accessible bus service at launch (WAB).

Past Routings:

  • 2015: Launched with present routing. No significant route changes since 2015.


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19 thoughts on “SBS Transit Service 117

  1. It would have been good if it serves Yishun East (blks 200+-400+) where trunk svc is lacking. Nevertheless, it is a 1st bus route for certain stretches of Yishun Ave 1 which was never served by public bus.

  2. Taking bus from Sembawang to Punggol used to take about 1.5hr. Taking MRT requires 2 changes and 3 different train routes. Neither is convenient in any way.
    Now this new bus route really a blessing for Punggol and Sembawang residents. Cut thru Seletar Aerospace Parking thru the scenic Seletar Reservoir Dam straight thru to Kathib & Yishun MRT to Sembawang MRT. Best ride between the 2 big developing residential area of the North.

  3. Hi Thanks for having another bus operation from Sembawang to Punggol. I am stay in Sembawang and working at seletar airport ST Aerospace. This bus service is not passing by ST Aerospace, this bus 117 is travelling on the outer road off ST Areospace and there is no bus stop for the bus to stop to go to work. Hope SBST will change the route of bus 117 like how the bus 103 operates into Aerospace park route. that way I will get a ride on bus 117 into Aerospace park to ST Aerospace bus stop. That way more people can take 117 to Setelar Aerospace Park from both ways interchange. Addition bus operation into Seletar Aerospace Park will be a good deal for SBST. Seletar Aerospace Park is growing fast and we require more bus service into this area from both the interchange. Looking forward to hear from you.
    Wish SBST A happy New Year.

    • I think there will be another new bus service travels via Seletar Aerospace. Seems that there is a new pairs of bus stops building up.

  4. SBS Transit short of packing new bus services!Y no free bus ride on 1st day like SBS 102?It shall highlight faster route than 103!Its express between Jln kayu &Soo tech LRT.alternative route from punggol to Sembawang is take 117 transfer to 858 at Jln kayu.Or 85 to khatib MRT & take 2 stop MRT.

  5. Hi to SBST, the Bus stops in the Aerospace Park along Seletar West Camp road the bus stops are to far apart and to far to the aviation company too. Please build some more bus stop in that area only due to more company workers movement. It take a lot of time to walk from the bus stop to the company and back. There are a lot of older people having problem walk to long to work and to bus stop. Please consider this request for the transport user.
    Thanks for your time reading this request.
    Happy New Year.

  6. I took this bus around 6.20am while bringing my gals to school need to alight at blk 220 after Darul Makmur Mosque. I think more lights should be installed along the way from Opposite Yishun Sapphire it was dark. I cannot see when I need to alight.

  7. Not sure what is the purpose of adding 117 bus. Just to add another route or to ease the morning crowd for those taking 169 too.
    Since it started operation until today (working days) around 7.35 to 8.10am, at Yishun MRT station, I only see the bus appears 4 times, and took the bus 1 time. Isn’t it supposed to co-support together which 169, poor scheduling?
    Worst is 13 Jan 2016, 7.50am, the 117 queue behind another bus by slotted in (not properly in the bus stop) at the bus stop, never open the door, so, passengers thought it is waiting for the bus in front to move & then, 117 move in properly, but after the bus in front move, it also turn out & move away without taking any passengers & it is quite empty, causing passengers have to wait for another bus which is not 117, it is 169 & become crowded again.
    Please take action.

  8. Why there is no display bus 117 on the bus stop mirror display till now since it’s debut.. Atleast put it upto get people attention..

    • Only at Sembawang interchange have. And not only service 117 does not have. I think must wait at least 1 or 2 months after the debut.

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