We are now Land Transport Guru!

After 3 years, PublicTransportSG@Wordpress is moving. We decided that time was ripe to rebrand ourselves and move to an all news website.

Your support was paramount to the growth of our small WordPress site. Be it regular visitors or the one-off information seekers, your continued patronage kept us writing and photographing! We enjoyed producing content for readers, in which we hope you enjoyed equally as well.

All our existing content will be available on our new website. We’ve set up a spanking new interface to cater you viewers, allowing essential information to be read easily. More graphics have been added, on top of our large database of quality images, to make your browsing experience better. We are also expanding, diversifying into the other modes of land transport, encompassing trains and taxis.

PublicTransportSG@Wordpress is now Land Transport Guru. Visit us at www.landtransportguru.net now! We look forward to your continued support!
PTSG Admin Team



One thought on “We are now Land Transport Guru!

  1. HI Admin,

    Two of us waiting at the bus stop opposite Sembawang Hill FC did not see the bus 652 for the 7:37am route. This is both of our time experiencing that there is no service at this timing.

    She asked me to email to confirm how many bus timings are there in total for the AM peak ?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks.

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