Bus Fares


This page was created as a redirect link for all bus fare inquiries.

Current bus fares are based on the fare structure effective since 27 December 2015.

^ Fare Table. Click for larger image.

Fare categories

Two categories of fare payment are highlighted in the table: Basic and Express fares. Non air-con bus fares have been phased out since the full retirement of such buses.

  • Basic Fares — Trunk services, Feeder / Townlink / Intratown services, Peak Period Short Services, SMRT Bus Parallel Service (BPS1)
  • Express Fares — Express services, Fast-Forward services, City Direct services

Readers Unavailable – Please Pay Cash

In the event that the EZ-Link readers are faulty and unable to accept payments for the bus fare, the following discounted cash fares for all passengers apply.

Do note that this is the official standard operating procedure for faulty readers, where all commuters must pay cash. Most bus captains will allow free rides so as not to cause inconvenience to commuters.

Type / Category Adult Senior Citizen Student Workfare Transport Concession Persons With Disabilities
Basic Services 70c 50c 30c 60c 50c
Express Services 130c 100c 60c 110c 100c

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