Bus Models



This list concerns the various models of transit vehicles in SBS Transit and SMRT’s fleet.


SBS Transit Single-Deck Buses:


SMRT Articulated Buses

SMRT Double-Deck Buses

SMRT Rigid Buses:



Government Contracting Model (GCM) Buses (Tower Transit & Go Ahead)

GCM Single-Deck Buses:

GCM Double-Deck Buses:



SBS Transit Retired Buses

SMRT Retired Buses



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14 thoughts on “Bus Models

  1. Because SBS owns 75% of scheduled bus services and plying almost throughout Singapore exception being north areas it is impossible to have long buses as it would be blocking the roads and land for depots will be wasted. And as you know Singapore is land scare few depots should be enough to handle articulated buses. One such depot Bulim Depot has an area earmarked for only Articulated buses. This is a good idea. So in coming years there might be DDS as it is suitable for land use though it is slow

    • Now everything is in LTA hands. U can see clearly they wanted to use SMRT DDs not bendies perhaps it is suitable for roads. As I mentioned the depots need a space for articulated bus. There are certain restrictions, Slowly SBS might introduce DDs on 66. But it seems the next operator will deploy as 66 will be handed over to another operator come 2016/7

  2. Spare buses are there in depots. 291 for your ftw used spare DDs and now they are permanent on 291. If there are no DDs then 2 buses will come together like SVC 27. See the newly introduced SMB 8001 E. I guess they want to standardize with their DDs seating capacity

  3. The best thing that SMRT Bendy Buses should serve on all feeders, within home towns. Because bendy bus is not suitable on CBD areas.

    • SMRT has already announced that DDs solely will be used to run trunk routes whereas bendy buses will be used to run Intratown and feeder bus. Slowly there will be a redeployment.

    • U will most likely never get that in Singapore cos of its space. I guess. Most likely there will be more DDs than articulated buses which are 2 carriages

  4. Someone made an earlier comment about Tower Transit, in Adelaide we have Torrens Transit, part of the same group and believe me they are a top operator, so have no doubts about what they will bring to Singapore. I should add that I have no interest in Torrens Transit (or its associate companies) either as an employee or investor.

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