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City Direct Services are express bus routes between selected residential estates and the city. They were introduced under the Bus Services Enhancement Programme (BSEP) to benefit commuters travelling to the city with improved connectivity. The concept of point-to-point peak hour bus routes is similar to existing Express or Premium bus routes.

Ten City Direct bus services have since been introduced from the housing estates of Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bukit Batok, Eunos, Hougang, Jurong East, Sembawang, Sengkang and West Coast to the Central Business District (CBD). With limited stops and the use of expressways, commuters using these services would have comparable journey time to taking a connecting bus or LRT service and transferring to the MRT into the city.

The move is in line with the Transport Minister’s announcement at the Committee of Supply 2013 to tap on the resources of private bus operators to run more City Direct bus services to augment the resources of the public transport operators (PTOs). Currently, Express services 513, 850E, 951E and 982E are operated by Public Transport Operators (PTOs) and run parallel to train lines between estates and the cityC

Operational Aspects:

All City Direct services will operate on weekdays, excluding public holidays. They will start with two one-way trips on weekday mornings from the respective housing estates towards the CBD, and similrly, two one-way trips will take commuters back home from the city in the evenings. More trips may be added depending on the demand for the services. Exact details will be released by LTA closer to the service introduction date.

BSEP Expansion:

In March 2014, an expansion of the BSEP was announced, increasing the total number of new BSEP routes to 80 services. This includes 20 City Direct services, so more services are expected to come in the following years.

In March 2015, LTA announced 12 new City Direct Services to be progressively introduced from Q2 2015. (an additional of 2 more services) This brings the total of City Direct Services under the BSEP scheme to 22.

List of City Direct Services:

Please refer to our new site, Land Transport Guru for departure timings here.

Bus Services Area    
City Direct 651 Jurong West    
City Direct 652 Ang Mo Kio    
City Direct 653 Hillview    
City Direct 654 Sengkang    
City Direct 655 West Coast    
City Direct 656 Sembawang    
City Direct 657 Jurong East    
City Direct 658 Eunos    
City Direct 659 Bedok    
City Direct 660 Hougang    
City Direct 661 Pasir Ris    
City Direct 662 Yew Tee    
City Direct 663 Yishun    
City Direct 664 Tampines East / Simei    
City Direct 665 Marsiling / Woodlands    
City Direct 666 Punggol    
City Direct 667 Clementi / Dover    
City Direct 668 Yio Chu Kang / Ang Mo Kio    
City Direct 669 Bedok Reservoir    
City Direct 670 Yishun West    


21 Nov 2012: LTA calls for tender for private bus operators to run a City Direct service between Jurong West and the CBD

June 2013: The contract to operate the Jurong West City Direct bus service – the first under BSEP – awarded to private bus operator ComfortDelGro Bus Pte Ltd. ComfortDelGro Bus submitted the lowest bid – at about $1,058,560 over a two-year period – that was able to fully meet the tender requirements. The Jurong West City Direct bus service will be introduced in September 2013. Tenders are called for 9 more City Direct services.

02 Sep 2013: City Direct 651 launches under ComfortDelGro Bus

Nov 2013: Contracts for 6 City direct bus routes, to 5 private bus operators. City Direct Ang Mo Kio & Sengkang has been awared to Ren Quan Transport, while Comfort DelGro Bus Pte Ltd will operate the Bukit Batok/Hillview route. Loh Gim Chong will operate the City Direct Sembawang bus service, while Transtar Travel Pte Ltd and Woodlands Transport Service Pte Ltd will run the routes in Jurong East and West Coast respectively.

04 Feb 2014: Contracts for 3 City direct routes, from Hougang, Bukit Batok and Eunos awarded to Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd for $3.4 million.

09 Feb 2015: LTA calls for tender for private bus operators to run City Direct services from Yew Tee, Marsiling/Woodlands, Yishun, Pasir Ris, Tampines East/Simei to and fro the CBD.

11 Mar 2015: LTA announces 12 City Direct Services to be launched from Q2 2015 onwards, an increase of 2 services from the original announcement.

21 Jul 2015: Tenders for City Direct 661 – 665 awarded, City Direct 666 – 670 routing region announced.

05 Aug 2015:Tender for City Direct 666 – 670 open, closes on 31 Aug 2015.

14 Dec 2015: Tenders for City Direct 666 – 670 awarded.

18 Jan 2016: Contracts for City Direct 651 – 657 extended for 1 more year


City Directs 651 – 660 charge flat fares based on the distance-based fare scheme (DBF) for Express routes. The flat fare is calculated by tallying the full length of the route with the corresponding express fare for that distance. Upon boarding, a single card reader deducts the flat fare from the ez-link card used, and passengers can alight at any point of the route while all paying the same fare.

For City Directs 661 onwards, fares are charged based on distance-based fares for express bus services. Entry and exit card readers will ensure the correct fare is charged based on the distance travelled, similar to regular Express bus routes. LTA will progressively convert the fare scheme for City Directs 651 – 660 to Distance Based Fares from Q4 2015, ending in mid-2016.

Service Adult WTCS* PWD* Child Student Senior C. Cash
651 $2.43 $2.06 $1.35 Free $0.90 $1.35 $2.90
652 $2.09 $1.77 $2.40
653 $2.25 $1.90 $2.55
654 $2.29 $1.94 $2.55
655 $2.09 $1.77 $2.40
656 $2.45 $2.07 $2.90
657 $2.25 $1.90 $2.55
658 $2.09 $1.77 $2.40
659 $2.21 $1.87 $2.55
660 $2.13 $1.80 $2.40

*PWD (Persons with Disabilities Transport Concession Scheme)
*WTCS (Workfare Transport Concession Scheme)

Boarding & Alighting Locations:

  AM Peak (Alighting Points) PM Peak (Boarding points)
City Direct 651, 653, 655, 657, 661, 662, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, 669, 670 Anson Road
Robinson Road
Marina Boulevard
Central Boulevard
Shenton Way
City Direct 652, 656, 660, 663 Orchard Road
Bras Basah Road
Fullerton Road
Raffles Quay
Shenton Way
Anson Road
Robinson Road
Fullerton Road
Stamford Road
Orchard Road
City Direct 654, 658, 659 Central Boulevard
Shenton Way
Anson Road
Robinson Road
Marina Boulevard

Operating Hours:

City Direct services operate during the morning and evening peak hours in single directions.

City Direct Poster


External Links:

City Direct route plans

City Direct Poster – BSEP

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38 thoughts on “City Direct Services

  1. The number of passengers using city direct 654 are getting from crowded to overcrowded. Be it the am peak or pm peak, it either it is so crowd that I am unable to get in the bus or get in the bus standing. Addition bus need to be added to handle the increasing number of commuters.
    Additional bus can be add in the morning after the current last bus. And in the evening maybe 15 mins before the first bus.

  2. Hi, I would like to know if the Adult Monthly Travel card @ $120 can be used to pay for the City Direct Service 659 ? Thank you.

    • Hi. You will not be able use the unlimited rides offered by the card on City Direct services such as 659, as they charge express fares. Unlimited rides is only offered to basic bus services.

      Nevertheless, the monthly travel card itself will have a stored value which will be deducted if you tap onboard this service, similar to a regular ezlink card.

  3. The 2nd trip bus service for 659 has been an issue when making payment. It is known that they do not accept any other card except ez link. Please do something about this as the 1st trip bus has no issue accepting flash-pay cards for payment.

    • Hi Vv,

      We estimate a duration of 10-15mins for the bus from the first stop to arrive at your stop. Do note that a few of the 5 morning trips may be full as your stop is towards the end of the boarding stops.

      During our PM Peak ride from Anson Rd to Upp Thomson Rd, we timed around 65-70mins for the entire journey.

      PTSG@WP Admin Team

  4. Hi, both timing for 658 morning buses are getting very crowded with commuters from the last stop not being able to board. Is it possible to add on the number of buses?

  5. Hi

    Is 653 service available beyong 7:45 AM? It would be great if a 8:30 AM service is available to CBD. Currently the frequency of service is concentrated during 7:15 to 7:45 AM.


    • Hi Valenica,

      The route details of those City Direct Services has yet to be released by LTA. The estimated launch of those services are in Q4 2015.

      PTSG@WP Admin Team

  6. Hi,

    I would like to say that the morning service at 7.55 am for bus 658 has been for the past 2-3 weeks coming late. Today the bus came only at about 8.05 am to the first bus stop at Blk 122 Bedok Reservoir Road and reached the last bus stop at 8.55 am. I have been reaching office late every day. Could you please instruct the bus driver to come promptly please.


    • Hi Raji,

      You may wish to contact the operator, Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd at or call 6458 7645 during office hours regarding the late arrival of the last trip.

      PTSG@WP Admin Team

  7. Are there any plans to start a City Direct Service to Pasir Ris West? The new route 664 going to Pasir Ris East would have been a better idea if it had been routed via KPE. Then the whole of Pasir Ris could have been covered. I am not sure why the bus takes a longer route via ECP and serving only half of the town of Pasir Ris.

  8. Will the buses (specifically 655) be able to extend their starting /ending route to south Beach area /suntec area as many offices are also located in the vicinity? How are such requirements being accessed? I’ve previously wrote in to ptc but all I got was generic reply

    • Hi Tan,

      Currently, the routes and trip timings for City Direct are planned by LTA. They are very unlikely to amend the route as the demand for the services are overwhelming such that they have to fork out more money to pay the operators to run more trips. Extending the route means additional demand which requires more trips to be added to the service.

      To ply the entire CBD and get commuters to the last stop (when extended) before 9am means having trips starting earlier from the heartlands. These City Direct services aim to provide a fast alternative to train travel which takes more time.

      You may wish to try “BeeLine”, a commuter bus pooling initiative where commuters can suggest their own premium bus routes from their doorstep to their workplace. If there is enough commuters who have roughly the same origin and end, the service will be launched by private bus companies. Read more at

      PTSG@WP Admin Team

  9. I am so pleased to read that the service 661 has finally be awarded on 21st July 2015. Could you advise when the service will be up and running because I have been waiting for it for a long time.

    • Hi Dorothy,

      We are also currently waiting on the official launch date for this service. The new bus stops have been bulit and ready for these services. According to LTA, the service should launch in Sep/Oct 2015.

      PTSG@WP Admin Team

      • Hi,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Appreciated if your could arrange the starting point is from Punggol Walk, Twin Waterfalls(EC), a lots of residents from our EC was requested the bus service from here to CBD areas(eg, Keppel Road, Anson Road, Raffles Place++).

        Thanks & best regards

  10. City direct 663. Was waiting for the bus at yishun sports hall at 730am. The bus came at 740, and the bus just drive off without even stopping!!! So i wait for the ast bus at 750. The bus came, e bus stop and den it drove off again!! Saying e bus is full and cant let passenger to board, its not even full yet. Come on this is too much. Appreciated if you could arrange a few more timing.

      • I waited from the second last bus till the last bus at 750am and the bus is also full and the driver just drove off.. I feel that is being abit unfair for passengers which would need to board at e lat few stops.

  11. Bus 665 just hit a cab near the fullerton hotel. The driver was trying to overtake, turning away from the bus lane but eventually he has to follow that lane in order for us to get down. Luckily it did not turn ugly and after bumping into the taxi, your driver could still smile and get down. He was also jam breaking all the way at expressway. We are paying extra to also get a safe journey. Not only to get faster to city areas.

  12. One of bus 665 arrived at the 2nd last bus stop before the expressway at 7.35am today. However, there was an SMRT bus stopping at the bus stop. Ideally, he should wait behind the bus. However, what the ignorant bus driver did was to just zoom past the SMRT bus, ignoring those who were queuing for the 665. The bus was not even full to begin with. This is not the first time such things happen.

  13. Hi, was wondering whether it’s likely to increase more buses in morning peak hour for bus 664. As it reaches simei street 3, bus will be all full and wont even stop at simei anymore. Altenatively, may I suggest to add another bus from simei to Robinson road/Shenton way, not from tampines?

  14. I take 661 from Pasir Ris. There are only 2 buses and it is always full. Is there any chance that there will be another bus to accommodate the load?

  15. Today i took bus 665 from marsiling lane. Standard route was after wdls straight to highway. Today i board the bus at 7.40am. Now its 8.56am and i am in YISHUN!? The driver is new? The driver doesnt know the route? Please advise on this. I demand to have an explaination on this.

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