Cross-Border Services


Cross-border bus services are bus services plying between Singapore and Malaysia. They cater to cross-border passengers daily, travelling between various areas of interest. Much of their demand comes from the weekend morning tide of Malaysians coming into Singapore for work or school.

There are two road links between Singapore and Malaysia, namely the Johor–Singapore Causeway and Tuas Second Link, with the former being more popular due to its proximity to the city of Johor Bahru. The Johore-Singapore Causeway is served by Woodlands CIQ Checkpoint and  Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex, while the Tuas Second Link is served by Tuas Checkpoint and Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex, all of which allow for public buses.

At each checkpoint, all passengers are required to alight from the bus and pass through customs before returning to board the bus. For any cross-border service, both Singapore and Malaysian customs must be cleared separately, with the same buses ferrying passengers between checkpoints. Upon re-boarding buses at the checkpoint, passengers need to produce a ticket as proof of payment. For the EZ-Link stored value card, the ride will be suspended upon tapping out at checkpoints and resumed when re-boarding the bus.

Currently, cross-border services are operated by a number of Singapore and Malaysian bus operators, namely:

  • SBS Transit
  • SMRT Buses
  • Advanced Coach
  • Compass Coaches
  • Causeway Link
  • Handal Indah
  • Transtar Express
  • Singapore-Johore Express

List of cross-border bus routes:



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