Loyang Bus Package


Go Ahead will take over operations of Loyang Bus Package Bus Services progressively from 4 & 18 September 2016. More details at our new site, Land Transport Guru. Click Here to continue.

Government Contracting Model (GCM) Route Package #2:
“Loyang Bus Package” (25 bus routes)

First announced on 11 March 2015, the Loyang Bus Package is the second set of public bus services to be put up for tender under the Government Contracting Model, following the Bulim Bus Package. This package comprises 22 existing bus services originating from the Changi Airport Bus Terminal, Changi Village Bus Terminal, Pasir Ris Bus Interchange, and Punggol Bus Interchange, with 3 new bus services to be introduced in the future. The route package is one of twelve bus packages to be released by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as part of the transition to the Government Contracting Model (GCM).

As announced in November 2015, the Go-Ahead Group is the successful tenderer of the Loyang Bus Package, who will receive an estimated total fee of $497.7 million over five years. The 25 bus routes will be based out of the new Loyang Bus Depot, located off Loyang Way, which is scheduled to be completed in June 2015 and able to accommodate about 500 buses.

The package will consist of about 400 buses when implemented in the third quarter of 2016, and will grow to about 500 buses in 2021 in tandem with new developments and projected growth in ridership.


Contract Details:

Name PT201: Bus Contracting – Loyang Bus Package
Awarded The Go-Ahead Group Plc
Duration Five years, with two-year extension granted based on good performance
Published 15 Apr 2015
Closing 14 Aug 2015, 12:00 PM
Services 2, 3, 6, 12, 15, 17, 34, 36, 43, 62, 82, 83, 84, 85, 118, 119, 136, 354, 358, 359, 382, 386, 403, 518 + 1 Service TBA
Bus Depot Loyang Bus Depot
Bus Interchanges Pasir Ris, Punggol

Tender for this bus package was opened on 15 Apr 2015, closing on 14 Aug 2015, 12:00 PM.


Bidding Procedure

As of the tender closing time, 10 bids were submitted from hopeful operators, with bidded prices covering the duration of the full 5-year contract These 10 are:

Local Companies

SBS Transit Ltd – $545.9 million for 5 Years

SMRT Buses Ltd – $598.1 million for 5 Years

Woodlands Transport – $532.5 million for 5 Years

Foreign Companies & Joint Bids

Busways Group (Australia)  – $631.4 million for 5 Years

Go Ahead Group (United Kingdom) – $497.7 million for 5 Years


RATP Dev Transdev Asia (France) – $603.7 million for 5 Years

Keolis SA (France) – $535.2 million for 5 Years

Travel GSH Pte Ltd (Singapore) & Qingdao Jiaoyun Group (China)

Kok Tong Transport and Engineering Works (Singapore) & Jinan Public Transportation Corp (China)

Tian San Shipping (Singapore) and Kumho Construction and Engineering (South Korea) – $569.9 million for 5 Years

Among the tender requirements was one that required operators to have a proven track record of operating a fleet of at least 250 buses. Such a requirement would result in joint bids.

As of 12 October 2015, LTA shortlisted 8 bids for this tender. Joint Bids from Jiaoyun Group Corporation with Travel GSH, as well as Kok Tong Transport & Engineering Works with Jinan Public Transportation Corporation were dropped out in the running for this tender.

Contract Awarded:

On Monday, 23 November 2015, LTA announced The Go-Ahead Group Plc as the winner of the Loyang Bus Package. Evaluation was conducted through a two-envelope process which included quality and price factors, with greater weightage given to the quality proposals submitted by tenderers. The LTA press release sums it well:


Go-Ahead is awarded the contract as it has the highest combined total score for both quality and price evaluation. In its tender submission, Go-Ahead demonstrated a thorough understanding of ground conditions and strong ability in developing strategies to manage specific scenarios for each bus route. The company also displayed strong competence in bus service scheduling to enable the optimal deployment of buses and resources. At the same time, Go-Ahead also emphasised in its proposal a stringent maintenance regime for bus assets and infrastructure. A robust bus-to-technician ratio and strict quality control processes will also be put in place to ensure high maintenance standards. In terms of manpower development, Go-Ahead has comprehensive plans to attract and retain bus captains, with a strong focus on growing the local workforce, training and developing employees, as well as offering career progression opportunities to all levels of staff.

To ensure a smooth transition with minimal inconvenience to commuters, the implementation of the 25 bus services will be carried out in two tranches from the third quarter of 2016. These services will be supported by the new Loyang Bus Depot located off Loyang Way, which will be handed over to Go-Ahead in December 2015 to allow them sufficient time to recruit and train bus captains and technicians.


Bus Services:

Loyang Bus Package consists of 25 bus services, with 22 services currently operated by SBS Transit and another 3 more new services to be launched under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) in the near future.

Service Destination 1 Destination 2 Type Description
2 Changi Village New Bridge Road Trunk  
3 Tampines Punggol Trunk  
6 Pasir Ris ↺ Loyang Way Trunk  
12 Pasir Ris New Bridge Road Trunk  
15 Pasir Ris ↺ Marine Parade Trunk  
17 Pasir Ris ↺ Bedok Trunk  
34 Punggol ↺ Changi Airport Trunk  
36 Changi Airport ↺ Tomlimson Road Trunk  
43 Punggol Upper East Coast Trunk  
62 Punggol ↺ Sims Way Trunk  
82 Punggol ↺ Serangoon Central Trunk  
83 Punggol ↺ Sengkang Trunk  
84 Punggol ↺ Punggol Rd (End) Trunk  
85 Punggol Yishun Trunk  
118 Punggol Changi Business Park Trunk  
119 Punggol ↺ Hougang St 21 Trunk  
136 Punggol Ang Mo Kio Trunk  
354 Pasir Ris ↺ Jln Loyang Besar Feeder  
358 Pasir Ris ↺ Pasir Ris Dr 4 / 10 TownLink  
359 Pasir Ris ↺ Pasir Ris St 11 / 71 TownLink  
382G/W Punggol ↺ Sumang Walk Feeder  
386 Punggol ↺ Punggol East Feeder  
403 Pasir Ris ↺ Pasir Ris Rd Feeder  
518 Pasir Ris ↺ Bayfront Ave Express  
 —  —  —  —  To Be Announced


Scope of Tender:

As part of the tender, the new Operator will be required to fulfill responsibilities as such:

Operate the twenty-five (25) bus services in the Changi Airport, Changi Village, Pasir Ris & Punggol areas in accordance with specified EWT performance standards

Operate and maintain the buses and their onboard equipment provided by LTA

Operate and maintain the Pasir Ris and Punggol Bus Interchanges, and the new Loyang Bus Depot, including all equipment and systems provided therein

Charge and collect the fares approved by the Public Transport Council, on behalf of the Government

Provide bus service information at all bus stops and bus interchanges served by the 25 bus services

Provide customer management services, such as lost and found service, and a hotline for commuter feedback and enquiries.

All bus services will have scheduled headways of no more than 15 minutes for both directions during the morning and evening peak periods, with at least half of them having even shorter scheduled headways of no more than 10 minutes. Of these, the feeder services will run at even shorter intervals of 6-8 minutes. An estimated 45% of bus services will come at shorter intervals during peak periods when compared to the expanded BSEP.

More guidelines can be found in the main Government Contracting Model (GCM) article.


The winner of the tender, The Go-Ahead Group Plc, will take over operations of all services in this package from SBS Transit Ltd in the third quarter of 2016. The package will be operated out of the new Loyang bus depot located off Loyang Avenue. The depot is scheduled to be completed in June 2015 and will be able to accommodate about 500 buses. It will be equipped with workshop facilities for the refuelling, maintenance and repair of buses. A fleet of 400 buses will be provided and would grow to about 500 buses in 2021 in tandem with new developments and projected growth in ridership.


Bus Interchanges & Terminals under the package:

Pasir Ris Bus Interchange

Punggol Bus Interchange


Bus Depot under the package:

Loyang Bus Depot
Scheduled to be completed in June 2015 and able to accommodate about 500 buses. It will be equipped with workshop facilities for the refuelling, maintenance and repair of buses.


Route Package Timeline:

2015 (11 Mar): Loyang Route Package announced

2015 (15 Apr): Tender opens, closing on 14 Aug 2015 1200hrs.

2015 (14 Aug): Tender closes with 10 bids

2015 (12 Oct): 8 Bids shortlisted

2015 (14 Aug): Tender closes with 10 bids

2015 (23 Nov): Tender awarded to Go Ahead Group

2015 (11 Dec): Loyang Bus Depot officially handed over to Go Ahead Group


External Links & References:

LTA – Second Bus Package Under The Government Contracting Model

Back to Government Contracting Model


11 thoughts on “Loyang Bus Package

  1. Govt really need to amend some of the service,For instance 136 should stay with Amdep because of the routing distance from both Int to reduce dead mileage.Svc 5 should be under Lydep to replace svc 136 instead.

    • I think 109 should take the place of 136. The latter can be farmed out with the rest of AMK routes.

      Also will SBST be using LYBP for routes 21, 58, 88 & 109 in the meantime while the new facility at Changi is being built?

  2. How about integrating some shuttle services — running in the mornings and evenings — to serve
    Flora Drive and Flora Road. Residents in this area tend to drive because of lack of access to bus stops “outside their doorsteps” and the congestion is adding to travelling time and frustration especially in the mornings.

  3. Im quite confused though. Will the bus operator be handling the bus for 5 years or its permanent? I just got confused with the term ‘5 years’

  4. I see that for most of the bus service articles, you said that “The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016”. In actual fact, I don’t think that BSOL for these routes will be renewed in 2016. This is because the services will be handed over to Go-Ahead.

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