Scheme B Bus Services


Scheme B Bus Services (part of Supplementary Bus Services) complement existing basic bus services by providing additional capacity primarily during peak hours. These services are provided by private bus operators, such as private-hire or school bus operators.

These bus services are subject to a different regulatory framework by the Public Transport Council (PTC) as compared to regular basic and basic-plus bus routes operated by major public transport operators SBS Transit and SMRT. Information on these bus services (exact routing, fares and departure times) are not readily published, making them notoriously difficult to find. While these reflect on greater flexibility on the part of private bus operators, these services often go unnoticed by the general public due to low outreach and infrequent departures.



Scheme B Bus Services were initially introduced to supplement existing Singapore Bus Service Ltd (SBS) routes back in the late 1970s. An initial four services (247A, 249A, 250A and 251A) operated as unidirectional peak hour services from Boon Lay Garden Bus Terminal to the Jurong & Tuas Industrial Estates, replacing lost transport links when many existing services were amended to the then-newly opened Jurong Bus Interchange.

Initially operated by SBS, these services were later transferred to private bus operators, making them the very first Scheme B bus routes. Poor demand led to the withdrawal of these Scheme B services. In 1997, all existing Scheme B bus routes were re-numbered into the 6XX series.

Scheme B bus services were reflected on the old bus stop poles on white background metal plates. When the bus stop poles were all replaced in 2009 by LTA, the bus services reflected on these poles did not include the Scheme B bus services. Little information about Scheme B bus services can be found online.

Recently, in Oct 2014, LTA updated the bus stop poles with Scheme B Bus Services.

Since there was no readily available and updated information about these bus services, the Public Transport SG @ WordPress Admin Team are working hard to collate information about these Services. If you have information about these services, please do contact us by filling the form below. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


List Of Scheme B Bus Services:
(Non Exhaustive)

Sv No Destination
621 Bedok Reservoir Rd ↔ Shenton Way
623 Boon Lay Gardens ↔ Jalan Samulun
625 Boon Lay Gardens ↔ Shenton Way
640 Admiralty Rd West ↔ Shenton Way
641 Serangoon Central ↔ Central Blvd
642 Nicoll Highway ↔ Commonwealth Ave West
644 Siglap Link ↔ Central Blvd
645 Toa Payoh Lor 6 ↔ Jln Boon Lay
648 Toa Payoh Lor 6 ↔ Tanjong Pagar Rd


Special Thanks

The Public Transport SG @ WordPress Admin Team would like to thank the following users for their contribution into the Scheme B Services Project.


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Have you spotted the Scheme B Bus Service plate on the bus stop pole? Contribute to the Scheme B project here! (Example: Sv 641 642 at Nicoll H’way – 80211 Opp Sports Hub; Sv 621 spotted at 1845hrs at Hub Synergy Point)


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